What is SCOUT?

SCOUT is a powerful end-to-end data intelligence platform that taps into MAPEGY’s global innovation warehouse, the Innovation Graph. SCOUT combines powerful automated data analysis with sophisticated and collaborative data management functionalities, allowing users to explore any technology, trend, organization or expert.

Users can get comprehensive overviews and deep dives, saving all insights into projects for collaboration with their teams. These projects can become the basis for reports that can be shared as private links, internally and beyond.

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How does SCOUT work?

SCOUT users access MAPEGY’s Innovation Graph by creating search queries comprised of keywords connected with Boolean operators. MAPEGY’s algorithms then extract the relevant information from the Innovation Graph to be presented within SCOUT. This information is structured, standardized and visualized to allow your experts to obtain high level, actionable insights in just a few clicks.

Who uses SCOUT?

MAPEGY empowers the leaders of the world’s most innovative organizations with technology insights required to help define their future. It is the business developers, strategists, researchers as well as managers & scouts for innovation and technologies whose task it is to keep their organization innovative. They need up-to-date comprehensive technology and competitive landscapes quickly and regularly for the best for their network, stakeholders and the whole organization.

SCOUT Features

SCOUT possesses unique features that enable you to get ahead of your competitors.

Search Features

Recall insights with pinpoint accuracy by connecting keywords with Boolean operators. Retrieve only relevant technology- related data.

Projects & Collaboration Features

Create collaborative and shareable projects and reports to spread SCOUT’s knowledge with your whole organization and beyond.

Insights Features

Curated technological trends radar. Explore the latest technological trends by industry.


Extract data easily from visually intuitive and dynamic panels and charts. Include all of MAPEGY’s visualizations in your reports.

See SCOUT in action


See SCOUT in action