Save time

  • Organizations today face increasing challenges when trying to collect information. Global insights are dispersed across multiple different sources, and getting necessary overviews takes significant time and effort.

    • SCOUT accesses this spread of information from a singular source: our Innovation Graph. Updated daily with the latest information from millions of different data points, you can access this wealth of information from any perspective, anywhere, anytime, at your fingertips.

  • Innovation processes are highly complex involving many individual actors from researchers to experts to managers. Aggregating data from so many different sources requires individual consultations that take time, and collected data has to be reprocessed.

    • SCOUT offers a centralized platform where your organization can better access its collective knowledge and expertise from one central location. Backed by our powerful automated data, your analysts and experts can bring their own expertise and knowledge and collaboratively create full ready-to-present reports and dashboards, integrating SCOUT’s powerful visualizations and tables. These reports can then be shared internally up the management chain and even beyond, saving you valuable communication time, and ensuring all your departments are well-informed and working towards the same goal.

  • Structuring and classifying information to retrieve objective, usable data from noisy data sources is exhaustive, tedious work. It can take weeks to compile your findings and technological overviews.
    • SCOUT applies various analysis techniques to data sets including machine learning algorithms (e.g. cluster analysis, linear regression trees), to sort, classify and structure your data. The data is then networked, visualized and evlauted using KPIs to deliver transparent, objective and repeatbale results that are instantly actionable. SCOUT presents your results in visual, intuitive formats like tables, graphs and charts that allow easy data extraction and can be instantly presented at management level.

    • By automating the data retrieval process, SCOUT allows your employees to do what only humans can do: be creative.

  • Research can be a tiresome process that often has to be painstakingly repeated over time to keep track of the latest developments.

    • SCOUT you to clearly define, build and save your search fields. Search fields can be edited on-the-go, allowing you to refine, expand and adapt your search according to your changing focus. all information from organizations to individual publications and technologies can be bookmarked and shared for later reference or collaboration. Additionally, all SCOUT panels and reports are dynamic and updated daily, allowing you and your teams to monitor developments as they happen.

Save money

  • Organizations often have to spend enormous amounts of money getting information, either from ready-made reports or by speaking with external experts.

    • SCOUT produces unlimited, actionable insights for any technology that are comprehensive, reproducible and cheap, giving you access to expert-level knowledge. By empowering your teams with SCOUT’s data, you can reduce initial research costs and reliance on ready-made reports, and better use your external consultants to their full potential: being creative and strategizing.

  • Access to individual data sources is extremely expensive. Organizations need subscriptions to publications databases, news aggregators, patent analysis tools, scientific publication databases etc.

    • SCOUT provides comprehensive access to all publication types drawn from a huge range of sources, replacing your need for multiple subscriptions.

Mitigate risk

  • New technologies, players, opportunities and risks appear daily with the potential for disrupting entire industries, and analysts are expected to do the impossible – keep track of all of them. Speed, however, is not the only answer. Organizations have to move fast to react to changes in their ecosystems, but they are at great risk if they make decisions on limited knowledge foundations. Traditional methods are insufficient in delivering necessary information.

    • SCOUT delivers clean, comprehensive and repeatable data to help you streamline your processes and make the most informed decisions. As all our data is stored in our Innovation Graph, we enable historical analysis of all technologies and industries, allowing for greater accuracy and depth. Results are delivered in just a few clicks, giving you insights ahead of time and reducing your research time from weeks to seconds. With monitoring, SCOUT delivers a continuous stream of easily digestible information that can make your business more agile, empowering you to react to changes and seize opportunities faster than your competitors. All of SCOUT‘s information is centralized and easily accessible from anywhere, facilitating the knowledge transfer between your internal networks, increasing your efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Technological landscapes are changing with increasing speed and frequency. Today, the boundaries between industries and technologies is blurred, and organizations are expected to have knowledge and competence across multiple disciplines.

    • SCOUT provides comprehensive overviews of any and every technology, giving you perspectives from global to local. SCOUT’s algorithms connect data points across industry and technology boundaries, contextualizing your search area with the wider world innovation around it. With SCOUT, you can easily assess your or other organizations’ global footprints, getting detailed insights and identifying key competence areas as well as weak spots.

Increase chances

  • Traditional processes of R&D are tedious, slow and inefficient. Organizations spend enormous amounts of time and money collecting information, and as a result, do not utilize their analysts and experts to their full potential.

    • SCOUT helps greatly reduce your research times by automating your research process, delivering high-quality, actionable results in seconds. This frees up time for your analysts, experts and managers to do what humans can do best – be creative and make critical decisions.

  • Many organizations are stuck in continuous R&D loops, conducting the same business with the same partners in the same places… They are slow to react, slow to innovate and are stagnating.

    • SCOUT can help you expand the scope of your company and see beyond your existing processes. As well as greatly improve your internal efficiency and capacity, SCOUT can help you assess and expand your own competence, identify new market and cross-market opportunities, new partnerships, trends and experts to enhance your knowledge, innovate and grow your business. With its powerful data automation capabilities, you can grow your business at a rate that was before unthinkable.

  • Only large corporates can afford powerful intelligence teams and expensive tools. Small and medium size businesses are at a high risk when competing at high levels due to an information wealth gap.
    • SCOUT helps level the playing field by providing corporate level intelligence at an affordable price. SCOUT offers the power of expensive teams and tools in one platform, accessible anywhere, anytime at your fingertips.

  • In organizations knowledge is often decentralized across specific experts in different departments. This reduces the effectiveness and capacity of an organization to innovate.

    • SCOUT offers a centralized platform where all your experts can come together to innovate. Information can be securely shared across all departments, spreading knowledge evenly, ensuring all your experts are on the same page.

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