With the onset of digitalization, technological organizations have been facing increasing challenges. The amount of global innovation data has increased at an unprecedented rate, with new technologies and players, both startups and established companies, entering industries daily. For organizations involved in R&D, this has posed a significant challenge. Research is now a painstaking and expensive process, with reliance on tedious desktop research and costly consultants and experts.

Our goal at MAPEGY is to tackle this challenge. Our solutions reduce your efforts in retrieving information, allowing you to focus your efforts towards innovation. Our machine learning algorithms analyze, process and sort data at super-human speeds, delivering objective, repeatable and actionable insights in just a few clicks. Our 360 degree data coverage allows you to access all information from a singular source, and our SCOUT platform provides the additional data management tools to collaborate and share your findings. By empowering your experts and analysts with MAPEGY‘s AI-automated data, you can introduce MAPEGY‘s processes to help streamline your innovation processes.

Save time

Reduce time from weeks to minutes
Access data from a singular source
Fully automated data and retrieval
Objective, repeatable analysis
Centralized collaborative platform

Save money

No need for multiple subscriptions
Single user or department plans
No more expensive standard reports
Unlimited search capabilities
Minimize consultant cost

Increase chances

Identify new peers & partners
Tap external knowledge
Network your company
Focus on creativity and strategy
See opportunities faster

Mitigate risk

Make better informed decisions
Gain new perspectives
Don’t miss trends or startups
Get instant overviews and deep dives
Information when you need it most

See our innovation solution in action