Uncovering the Mystery of Smart Traffic Lights: A Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Have you ever wondered how we, at MAPEGY, bring you the latest news about the technological panorama? Well, wonder no more! Today, we're taking you on a behind-the-scenes tour...

Alessia Gaspodini   ·   Feb 10 2023

Have you ever wondered how we, at MAPEGY, bring you the latest news about the technological panorama? Well, wonder no more! Today I'm taking you on a behind-the-scenes tour to show you how I uncover the mysteries of the tech world.

Alessia Gaspodini-roundedI'm Alessia, and I'm the author of the latest MAPEGY blogpost “City traffic headaches are a thing of the past now” where I talk about what's driving the future of smart cities towards a reduced congestion, improved road safety, and reduced emissions. And this is the article I will undress.


City traffic headaches are a thing of the past now
Have you already read “City traffic headaches are a thing of the past now”?


Join us as we take a journey through the exciting world of congestion-busting technologies, where there is nothing left for us to do but relax. From smart traffic lights to traffic sign recognition and connected vehicles, the future of city roads is looking a lot less congested. So, buckle up, sit back, and enjoy the ride as we explore some of the latest trends in traffic decongestion. The road ahead is full of twists and turns, but at least we won't be stuck in traffic.

Click this link to learn more about:
🚶 the innovation that will work worldwide except in Italy,
🎵 the technology that makes it possible for you to just sit and relax while driving, spending all your energy for the most important things, like belting out your favorite tunes.

While we all celebrate a stress-free future on the roads, you may want to know how we retrieve all the information about these technological marvels. Keep reading. 

A Peek into Our Information Retrieval Process
Enter SCOUT, our AI Future Intelligence platform that collects billions of data from multiple sources to present an up-to-date picture of the technological panorama worldwide.

Alessia GaspodiniI have the good fortune to work in a company that constantly works with data, AI, and time optimization, so I don't spend hours researching on Google, as I can just use our tool at any time. The result is great, enjoyable, even on a Friday afternoon, like today. And that's why I want to bring you with me.

Whenever I start writing a blog, I log in into SCOUT, MAPEGY's AI powered platform and with just a few keywords, I can retrieve hundreds of articles about the topic of my interest, making it easier than ever to stay on top of the latest innovations. And the best part? It only takes me a few seconds!

To give you a better understanding of how lucky I am, I've attached a video that shows you my first steps.

Where do I start: our Library

Since our Innovation Analysts work hard and update weekly our repository of curated search queries called Library, I go have a look at their latest projects, first. (Thanks Ali, Shan and Teresa to make all of this possible! You’re our innovation analysis-angels!). There's always good stuff and this makes my job harder when it's time to choose what topic will I cover next. Since I've been in Italy for a few days I also got inspired by the tourists' gazes while crossing the street, so here I am with City traffic headaches are a thing of the past now

What's next? I click on the project ("smart traffic lights" in our case) and start exploring this new technology.

Our query: topic:(«smart» OR «intelligent» OR «adaptive» OR «real time» OR «dynamic») AND topic:(«traffic light»)

By using just a few keywords with boolean operators, watch as SCOUT brings us a list of articles related to the topic, faster than a traffic light can change from red to green. I’ve clicked to the top companies panel to have a look at who are the big players in this field and what’s going on there. Then I clicked on the giant of the giants, Google, and here they are: articles on articles about these tiny little beacons of hope or frustration, depending on how you look at them. By just clicking on the first article, I’ve learned that Google has been testing AI technology in traffic lights since 2021, in 4 locations in Israel, and has reduced fuel consumption and traffic delays by 10% to 20%. I could even read part of the speech given by Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai, confirming we’re very close to reach a milestone: “We estimate that this could save over one million tons of carbon emissions per year — the equivalent of removing over 200,000 cars from the road — and save you money by reducing fuel consumption”. I just thought it's amazing news and wanted to share it with you in the blog so you could stay on top of the game with me. 

To sum up, I hope that this behind-the-scenes look has given you a glimpse into the magic of how I retrieve information for our blogs and posts. 
And, as we take our final bow, I want to thank our Product and IT team (Ainhoa, Daria, Matthias, Eric, Pandu, Mayank, Ali, Michael, Florian, Jan, you're the best) for being our trusty sidekick in the world of technology. I can't wait to see in action all the new features they’re working on so hard. Until then, I'll be here, bringing the future to you, one blog at a time.


Alessia GaspodiniCheers, 
Alessia from MAPEGY