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MAPEGY lets you source a global network of vetted data points instantly, saving valuable resources during the entire innovation process. You can be sure to have the full and most up-to-date picture on industry and academic data from: latest trends, forecasts, startups, competitors, partners, technologies, and publications.

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How our Data-driven Insights Help You



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Identifying Emerging Trends & Technologies


Analyzing R&D publications globally helps innovation managers stay ahead of the curve and align their strategies accordingly.


Mobility - News
Benchmarking & Competitive Analysis


R&D publication analysis provides insights into competitors' activities, helping innovation managers benchmark their efforts, identify white spaces, and make informed decisions.


Patent Monitoring
IP Landscape


R&D publication analysis offers insights into IP landscape, helping innovation managers assess patenting activity, identify licensing/acquisition opportunities, and align R&D efforts with IP considerations.


Investments in Non-carbon Fiber
R&D Investment Decisions


Data-driven insights help innovation managers evaluate the impact and value of R&D projects, prioritize high-potential initiatives, and optimize their R&D portfolio.




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Technology Landscape

Fast, comprehensive overviews of technologies and industries: forecasts, trends, players and publications.

Competitive Landscape

Identify key drivers: organizations, geographical hotspots, and explore networks.

Startup Identification

Explore the top 500 startups within your field. Identify start dates and total funding amounts.

Organization Footprint

Deep dive into your chosen organization. Identify and explore the scope of its activities.

Partner Identification

Identify key players for partnership or acquisition. Explore partner networks and geographical hotspots.

Trend Identification

Identify your search field’s latest trends, forecasts and news.

Related Fields

Explore your search across related industries, technological areas, and scientific fields.

Patent Monitoring

Track the latest patents, organisations, startups and inventors related to your search.

Research Monitoring

Track the latest scientific publications, universities and academic researchers.

News Monitoring

Track the latest news publications related to your search.

Expert Identification

Identify inventors, researchers, and managers within your search field.


Our Method


MAPEGY combines data science & strategic foresight. We provide data and algorithm-based technology intelligence to help high tech companies see tomorrow’s technological opportunities and threats, today. Our AI-backed algorithms constantly analyze millions of data points on industries, companies, experts, technologies, and trends.

1. Capture


The InnovationGraph is an immense and diverse database made up of millions of organizations and experts. Our algorithms constantly analyze the R&D footprints of innovators worldwide, updating billions of data points from patents, science, web and press publications, and map these data points to feed our unique InnovationGraph. 

From 10 terabytes in 2019, the database has grown to 160 terabytes of data and is further growing daily with millions of new data points and links.

2. Analyze


The unstructured data is analyzed, structured, and interpreted to create our rapidly growing InnovationGraph. A variety of analysis techniques including machine-learning algorithms refine, structure, and visualize this data into easily understandable, objective, and repeatable insights. Results are presented in intuitive tables, forecasts, and trend charts.

MAPEGY provides unique features (facts and figures) that enable you to explore the Global InnovationGraph in order to get ahead of your competitors and become future-proof.

3. Empower


SCOUT works as a central hub of information.
Your team members can collaborate using actionable insights to create full reports that inform decision-making at the highest level. Reports are made in just a few clicks and contain high-level visualizations like graphs, tables, and trend charts. 

Our portfolio management enables you to monitor your entire portfolio for new signals and topics with the help of fully automated MAPEGY KPIs.  You can set up alerts, work on and evaluate the results in a team inside and outside your organization.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Let us help. 


Our Value Proposition


We conduct AI-powered analysis of billions of data points from the most relevant and trusted sources to visualize global R&D efforts on any given topic in a matter of seconds and make strategic decisions possible.




We Connect Patterns of All Innovation Ecosystems

We offer the most comprehensive innovation and R&D related insights - a 360° overview.


We Measure & Visualize Innovation Over Time

We are able to capture data from up to 30 years in the past, analyze it, offer trends and forecasts and visualize it for decision-makers.

Companies screen

We Analyze WHO Is Doing WHAT, WHERE, WHEN & HOW

We gather information from millions of international organizations and deliver reports on any given subject from birds eye view down to individual publications.



MAPEGY Database

What’s the Global Innovation Graph?

MAPEGY's solutions are empowered by our Global Innovation Graph: a data warehouse, which has been developed by our expert team of data scientists to provide organizations access to billions of connected and contextualized historic and contemporary data points from across industries and sectors.

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