700 million

More than 700 million
ARTICLES from more than
60,000 MEDIA sources

100 million

More than 100 million
PATENTS from more than
100 IP Offices all over the world

100 million

More than 100 million
RESEARCH PAPERS from more than 6,000 publishers

23 million

More than 23 million

2 million

More than 1.2 million


More than 400,000

7 million

Over 7 Million

500 thousand

Over 500 Thousand

MAPEGY & Artificial Intelligence

We live in an age where autonomous machines are able to perform tasks we previously thought only humans were able to: driving our cars through traffic, providing customer service, or filing our vacation pictures in the right folders.

However, the real benefits of machine intelligence become clear when we apply it to tasks that require super-human abilities. Machine intelligence can sift through terabytes or even petabytes of high-dimensional data with processing speeds, accuracy and memory that we humans can not, quickly identifying the important pieces of information that drive decisions and actions.

Phase 1: Capture

We at MAPEGY recognize the growing challenge for innovators to keep up with the unprecedented amount of innovation information created every day, and the increasing number of sources this information comes from. To over come this,  we capture this data daily to store within our unique Innovation Graph: a representation of the digital footprints of all innovators worldwide.
Our Innovation Graph is an immense and diverse database made up of the millions of organizations (companies, universities, startups, or investors) and experts (inventors, researchers, or managers) who are driving technologies and trends on a global and local scale. Our algorithms constantly analyze their footprints, tracking billions of data points from patents, science and primary technology data, and also web and press publications.
More than just crawl, we store this data to enable historical analyses any technology area.

Phase 2: Analyze

This unstructured mass of data is then analyzed, classified and structured, creating a carefully organized database that includes technologies, organizations, experts, trends and forecasts.
SCOUT then accesses this data using a variety of analysis techniques including machine-learning algorithms. The data is mapped, refined and visualized according to your defined search area, and presented in intuitive and easily understandable tables, forecast timelines and trend charts. All data is objective and repeatable, and your search queries and results can be saved for future reference. Our high-level visualizations can be used at all stages of research, from first-point analyst interpretation to final-result management presentations.
SCOUT can support your users to condense weeks and even months of hard research to just a few clicks.

Phase 3: Empower

SCOUT is an all-in-one software solution that not only supports your users with powerful automated data, it empowers you by streamlining and centralizing your R&D processes.
SCOUT forms a central hub where your innovators can access a steady stream of automated information anywhere, anytime, boosting innovation potential throughout your organization. Empowered by our powerful automated data, your experts and managers can save precious time spent on mundane, laborious information gathering, and capitalize on instant, actionable insights. By automating part of your R&D process, you can give your experts more power to do what they do best: be creative.
SCOUT also offers a central platform where your analysts, experts and managers can collaborate. Backed by our data, they can collaborate, share their findings, and bring their own internal knowledge and expertise into the platform. Their efforts can then be compiled into full reports to inform decision making at the highest level, and even shared externally with partners and clients. Reports can be made with just a few clicks and can include all of SCOUT’s intuitive and management-ready visualizations, tables and charts. Report panels are continuously updated, enabling you and your clients to monitor technological developments as they happen.

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SCOUT Features

SCOUT is designed with researchers in mind to provide only the most relevant data in a structured, organized manner. SCOUT works differently from traditional search engines by allowing you to define your search field, and only presenting you with data related to your search. Instead of just offering you lists of documents, SCOUT is designed to aggregate and process the data in order to provide enhanced monitoring, visualization and analytics.
In other words, our algorithms save you the time and effort of identifying, reading, structuring and summarizing information, all within a few clicks.

SCOUT possesses unique features that enable you to get ahead of your competitors

SCOUT Search Features

  • Save your search queries to refer to at a later date and build your own technology database
  • Apply your queries to new and existing projects to evaluate your results
  • Toggle daily or weekly alerts for individual queries to get notifications for developments as they happen
  • Share your queries with your team for collaboration
  • Apply search templates to focus on the data areas that are most relevant to your research

Insights Features

  • MAPEGY created content for technological trends

Tutorials Features

  • Step-by-step video tutorials and written FAQs on all of SCOUT‘s features and capabilities
  • ‘Message Us’ – full customer support

Projects and Collaboration Features

  • Save queries and bookmark data from SCOUT directly into projects for collaboration or presentation
  • Collaborate and share projects with other SCOUT users who will also have full read and write access
  • Share projects to non-SCOUT users both internally and externally using password-protected URLs
  • Build complex, multi-layer taxonomies and reports that span whole technologies and industries
  • Pick and choose from each of SCOUT‘s panels, charts and visualizations, and import them to your projects
  • Import your own data (text, images, files)
  • Evaluate and rank your findings in projects with MAPEGY defined KPIs
  • Presentation mode – present slides created from your project contents
  • PDF mode – export your project to PDF for printing

Advanced Search Capabilities and Alerts

The query capabilities of SCOUT include an automatic search across multiple internal and external, open (and protected) Internet data sources. The obtained results are highly-organized and stored on a central server. The platform offers different notifications about new search results and the possibility of sharing and transferring results to other processes. Queries can be stored and shared with other users; this will improve the productivity of your entire team. When the search query is activated, SCOUT executes the search across all connected sources repeatedly and in real-time.

Alerts will trigger in the background and will appear as notifications in your dashboard. They will be generated on certain data indicators, or when data passes a defined threshold.

Fast insights from Data Analytics

SCOUT processes huge sets of innovation related data, by acquiring access to the Internet and to all relevant databases and datasets. To provide quick and reliable overview of the results, SCOUT applies different analysis and visualization techniques. Also, different machine learning algorithms (cluster analysis, linear regression, trees) are being applied for big data analysis.

Centralize Your Knowledge Base

Your experts can bring their own knowledge into SCOUT. Supported by our powerful automated data, you can create vast knowledge networks that disperse information evenly throughout your organization and even to clients beyond. This can ensure all your internal efforts are aligned with all actors operating on an even knowledge field, allowing you to save time, costs, and operate at a level above your competition. Above all, by automating the laborious tasks of data retrieval, you can give your experts more time to do what they do best: be creative.

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