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What is SCOUT



SCOUT is a powerful end-to-end data technology and innovation intelligence platform that combines automated data analysis with a portfolio management system. Users can get comprehensive overviews and deep dives on any technology, trend, or organization. Save, edit and evaluate all insights as a team, and share them. Make your company future-proof!




How SCOUT makes your life easier

With its automated features and powerful AI capabilities, SCOUT empowers organizations to harness the true potential of innovation and achieve unprecedented success.

Accelerated Innovation Process

SCOUT speeds up the entire innovation process by analyzing data, identifying trends, and providing quick insights for informed decision-making.

Enhanced Idea Generation

SCOUT leverages AI algorithms to generate a continuous flow of innovative ideas by combining internal and external data sources.

Intelligent Idea Evaluation

SCOUT automates the evaluation process, minimizing bias and helping businesses identify the most promising ideas accurately.

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Seamless Collaboration

SCOUT provides a centralized platform for cross-functional collaboration, real-time communication, and task tracking.

Comprehensive Knowledge Management

SCOUT captures and organizes innovation-related information, ensuring valuable insights are readily accessible.

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Data-Driven Insights

SCOUT's advanced analytics offer actionable insights and reports for data-driven decision-making, resource allocation, and measuring impact.

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What Customers Say About Us

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We Save Money and Time

“A standard one-time analysis costs >€15K. Now we are able to do 20 and more analyses a month and monitor results continuously.”

Innovation Manager

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No More Waste of Time

“Weeks of laborious research are condensed into minutes or even seconds.”

Technology Scout

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Radar Makes Our Lives Easier

“Radar makes our surveillance technology more lean and simple.”

Senior Manager Product Development

German Aerospace center
Latest Insights in Seconds

“The tool’s extent and functionality are striking. We gained insights fast and applied them immediately."

Benjamin Frieske

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Exciting Magnitude of SCOUT

“The tool’s magnitude and functionalities are simply exciting! Results can be implemented much quicker.”

IP Manager and Trend Analysis

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We Love Seeing SCOUTs Grow!

“We’re very happy with SCOUT, and are impressed with how it has been developed over the past two years.”

Franz Bailom, CEO

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A Deep Dive into the Competitive Landscape

“MAPEGY provided us with trends and competitive landscaping. We identify high-priority areas and direct our projects accordingly.”

Business Development

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Thank you, SCOUT

“MAPEGY helped us get insights and a fast overview of several display technologies."

Business Analyst

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Our Data-driven Features 


My Portfolio table




My Portfolio table is a collection of all your trends, technologies and topics of interest, meant to facilitate your project management activities by playing as a central repository of information.






MAPEGY Library is a collection of the latest trends and technologies with curated search queries we have collected, described, and organized for you. Explore our curated content and add it to your own portfolio.



AI-driven Data Analysis

Portfolio_Analysis 1

Recall insights with pinpoint accuracy and extract data easily from intuitive and dynamic tables and visualizations. Track, monitor, and choose among different views to display your portfolio.

Automated Alerts

Portfolio 1


Stay up-to-date on your topics and technologies with our automated alerts. Get regular notifications of new data on your field of interest.



Radar Vusualization_Curated


Our data-driven Radar, uses Machine Learning to provide you with market data on your trends or technologies, allowing you to easily compare them through this interactive and automatically updated view. 



Matrix example


Matrix helps you with blindspot and whitespot analysis, providing you an overview of new technology fields and trends of which you might not be aware of, uncovering what your peers are doing within those domains and how you compare to them.

Interested in all the other features?

Answer your Innovation needs

Use our insights to define your future.

Technology Landscape 2
Technology Landscape

Fast, comprehensive overviews of technologies and industries: forecasts, trends, players and publicationsations.

Competitive Landscape

Identify key drivers: organizations, geographical hotspots, and explore networks.

Startup Identification

Explore the top 500 startups within your field. Identify start dates and total funding amounts.

Organization Footprint

Deep dive into your chosen organization. Identify and explore the scope of its activities.

Partner Identification

Identify key players for partnership or acquisition. Explore partner networks and geographical hotspots.

Trend Identification

Identify your search field’s latest trends, forecasts and news.

Related Fields

Explore your search across related industries, technological areas and scientific fields.

Patent Montoring

Track the latest patents, organisations, startups and inventors related to your search.

Research Monitoring

Track the latest scientific publications, universities and academic researchers.

News Monitoring

Track the latest news publications related to your search.

Expert Identification

Identify inventors, researchers, and managers within your search field.


How it Works


Keyword-based Search

Boolean Lexical Search

Create a keyword based search query for topics, technologies or organizations you are interested in. SCOUT's autocomplete function supports you in this with keyword recommendations. Our boolean lexical search (AND, OR, NOT) allows you to be more accurate in your search, and narrow down results also to specific companies.

There’s no restriction on how many searches or projects you can make.  


Visualize your Results


SCOUT Hub gathers 31 Panels organized in Trends Publications, Peers & Partners, Relevant Fields, Experts. 

👈 The Overview Panel provides at-a-glance a view of the main key performance indicators (KPIs) related to your query. 


Manage your Projects

Management Hub

Search and analysis is only half the battle. Their discussion, evaluation, joint analysis and decision-making are the next logical step towards strategy and its succesful implementation. This is all supported in the SCOUT Management Hub. You can store relevant information to edit, evaluate, and share it. 

Making innovation visible

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Let us help. 


Who uses SCOUT




Innovation & Technology Managers, Scouts

Stay ahead of the curve by identifying emerging trends, technologies, and startups relevant to their industry.


R&D Managers


Track advancements in research and development to identify collaboration opportunities and prioritize investment in promising technologies.


Technology Marketers


Gain market intelligence, monitor competitors, and identify partnership or acquisition targets.


Business Developers &


Identify new business opportunities, assess market gaps, and explore potential expansion avenues.

portfolio manager

Portfolio Managers

Evaluate startups, technologies, and market trends to make informed investment decisions and optimize portfolio composition.


Supply Chain Experts & Purchasers


Gain insights into the latest technologies, supplier landscapes, and market dynamics to optimize the supply chain and identify cost-saving opportunities.

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Discover our Database & Data Sources

MAPEGY's Database & Sources

The MAPEGY Global Innovation Graph is an immense and diverse database made up of millions of data points: Publications, Organizations and experts.


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