The Future of Decision-Making

The Future of Decision-Making ...

where Market Expertise meets AI Excellence.

About this webinar

In an era of increasing complexity, steering growth is challenging. 
Leveraging six decades of expertise, Frost & Sullivan partners with MAPEGY, a frontrunner in AI and data analytics, to offer a pioneering Future Intelligence, based on a platform for real-time strategic decisions. 
Together, they pave the way to a future driven by informed growth and innovation.





David Frigstad

David Frigstad

Chairman @Frost & Sullivan

Peter Walde_MAPEGY_ 2s-modified

Dr. Peter Walde

CEO & Founder @MAPEGY

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Introduction (15 minutes)

  1. Frost & Sullivan

Keynote Address (10 min): The Future of Decision Making: Bridging Market Expertise and AI Excellence

Case Studies (30 min)

  1. Radar: A tool to gauge future growth potential
  2. Strategy Matrix: Tomorrow's opportunities & threats, today

Q&A Session (10 min)

Uniting the best of both worlds to forge a future defined by growth:

Embrace the new era of Future Intelligence

Market Expertise

Expert-driven market research and analysis, growth strategy consulting, and corporate training.

Full length of group of happy young business people walking the corridor in office together

AI Excellence

AI & data-driven Future Intelligence SaaS platform for strategic decision-making in real-time.