Can data-driven innovation answer your questions?
A discussion with BSH

 virtual | July 20th, 2023
(10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. CEST)

 hosted by MAPEGY



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About this webinar 

Join us for our upcoming webinar featuring industry experts Viktor Dimitrov and Ashar Ahmad from MAPEGY as they take you on a data-driven exploration of the future of the consumer electronics sector with a focus on white goods. In this webinar, Viktor will leverage MAPEGY's cutting-edge AI and data-powered Future Intelligence platform, SCOUT, to uncover the top trends shaping the industry and provide visual insights into how key players are responding to these trends. By analyzing the impact of these trends on companies' products and services, Viktor will identify potential alternatives and assess their potential impact. This webinar, in collaboration with BSH, offers a unique opportunity to gain a comprehensive overview of the Consumer Electronics industry and specifically the home appliances industry. Discover specific insights relevant to your business, and uncover potential disruptions that could influence your future success. Don't miss out on this invaluable event that promises to equip you with the knowledge and foresight to stay ahead in the dynamic world of consumer electronics.


10:00-10:10  CEST
Kickoff and Greetings: 

10:10-10:25  CEST
The top trends and emerging technologies

10:25-10:35  CEST 
Discussion with BSH:
Implementation of data-driven Analysis & Tools

10:35-10:50  CEST 
Data-driven competitor analysis:
Which are the top companies and disruptors? What are my blind/white spots?

10:50-11:00  CEST
Q&A discussion

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About the speakers

ASHAR-modifiedAshar Ahmad, highly experienced professional in Sales, Technical Project Leadership, International Sales, Market Potential Analysis, and Project Management, currently holds the position of Head of Sales at MAPEGY, with a specific focus on the mobility sector in Germany and Industrials. He speaks English, German, and Hindi.

VIKTOR DIMITROV-modified (1)Viktor Dimitrov is a motivated and results-driven Key Account Manager at MAPEGY. With a proven sales record spanning over two years and experience in diverse industries, Viktor possesses a remarkable ability to tackle complex problems and devise creative solutions.  At MAPEGY, he plays a key role in the electronics, consumer goods, and telecommunications industry, driving impactful decisions in research and development.  


MAPEGY GmbH is a Berlin-based data-intelligence company that collects and disseminates innovation trends and insights to decision-makers in the business, academic, and non-profit sectors. The company was established in 2012, and since then, it has created sophisticated technology that gives users access to billions of historical and current data points from all industries and visualizes them for strategic decision-making. We analyze WHO is doing WHAT, with WHOM, WHERE, WHEN and HOW. Our AI connects all innovation ecosystems and measures change and growth in real-time.