Can data-driven intelligence answer your questions?
A discussion with Mitsubishi Chemical Group.

 virtual | April 12th, 2023
(10:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. CEST)

 hosted by MAPEGY



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A discussion with Mitsubishi Chemical Group on how to stay on top of recent trends & prepare for disruption. 

Join us at our upcoming webinar where industry experts Satyam Vimal and Dr. Peter Walde from MAPEGY, in collaboration with Mitsubishi Chemical Group, will take you through a step-by-step data-driven journey exploring the future of Materials & Chemicals, carbon fibers and its potential alternatives. Through MAPEGY's AI & data-powered Future Intelligence platform SCOUT, Satyam will identify the top trends impacting the industry, and visualize how different key players are reacting to these trends. From there, he'll see how these trends are affecting a company’s products & services leading to potential alternatives, and assess how big of an impact can these potential alternatives have.
Don't miss this opportunity to gain a big-picture overview of the Materials & Chemical industry, identify specific insights relevant to your business, and discover potential disruptions that could impact your future success.


10:00-10:10  CEST
MAPEGY and Mitsubishi Chemical Group

10:10-10:25  CEST
AI & data-powered technology and competitive landscaping:
How to identify blind and white spots?

10:25-10:35  CEST 
AI & data-powered deep dives on
players, emerging technologies, and trends.

10:35-10:50  CEST 
How to measure early indicators?
Indicators of growth and disruption.

10:50-11:00  CEST
Q&A discussion

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About the speakers

Peter Walde_MAPEGY_ 2s-modifiedDr. Peter Walde started research on Natural Language Processing, a scientific discipline that subsumes everything that currently runs under Language models (e.g. OpenAI), in 2003. Before founding MAPEGY he put his research into practice for Strategic Foresight and Innovation Management at VOLKSWAGEN Group,  where he was director of a profit center for Digital Analytics.

SATYAM-modifiedSatyam Vimal, Industry Expert and Key Account Manager at MAPEGY, will be the main actor on stage during this webinar. He brings to the table years of experience in Sales, Marketing, Business Development & Key Account Management. He speaks English, German, and Hindi. 

Tim Vorage-modifiedTim Vorage, Sr. Manager and Founder Business Incubator Growth Garage at Mitsubishi Chemical Group. Passionate about open innovation and business development, Tim is supporting innovators and entrepreneurs globally to achieve their dreams and contribute to a sustainable future. He's passionate for open innovation and business development that is based on the circular economy, which resulted in founding the Growth Garage.


Franziska Pieper-modifiedFranziska Pieper, Toolbox Provider and Action Planner for a more circular and digital industry - Project Manager at the Growth Garage. With the goal to create a more sustainable and circular future, Franziska contributes to make a change possible. Her leadership and strategic thinking have enabled the company to drive innovation, support entrepreneurship, and foster sustainable growth. 


MAPEGY GmbH is a Berlin-based data-intelligence company that collects and disseminates innovation trends and insights to decision-makers in the business, academic, and non-profit sectors. The company was established in 2012, and since then, it has created sophisticated technology that gives users access to billions of historical and current data points from all industries and visualizes them for strategic decision-making. We analyze WHO is doing WHAT, with WHOM, WHERE, WHEN and HOW. Our AI connects all innovation ecosystems and measures change and growth in real-time. 

About the Growth Garage

Growth Garage is the business incubator from the Advanced Materials Division of Mitsubishi Chemical Group (MCG). Their mission is to support and grow new ideas using their technologies and advanced engineering materials to help tackle some of today's biggest engineering challenges. They are offering the opportunity for engineers and innovators to pitch them their ideas. Successful applicants will receive their full support, expertise and materials to help develop their projects from initial prototype to final product.