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About mapegy

mapegy provides top insights from global innovation and technology data. We offer the most powerful and intuitive tools to measure and track innovation, competition and technology trends.

  • “Combs through Big Data so cleverly that customers know where to research and develop.”

    Bernd Müller
    Technology Review
  • "mapegy provides a fast and convenient view through data chaos."

    Jens Toennesmann
  • “The tool’s extent & functionality are striking. We gained insights fast and applied them immediately.”

    Benjamin Frieske
    German Aerospace Center
  • "They map the technology and competitive landscape like no other."

    Jens Twiehaus
    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
Recent Blog Posts
mapegy in Berlin Valley News Out now: First issue of Berlin Valley News with a nice article by our Data Scientist Matthias explaining his Data magic at mapegy.
mapegy @ WirtschaftsWoche Neumacher Yesterday, mapegy attended the WirtschaftsWoche Neumacher Conference in Hamburg. We were among six finalists of its Gründerwettbewerb picked out of more than 250 applicants.
mapegy commemorates fall of the Berlin Wall As a Berlin company, we're celebrating the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.
New Startup Unit for Berlin Last Friday, Berlin presented its new Startup Unit. mapegy's CEO Peter Walde is one of the coordinators of their initiative for foundations with academic background.
mapegy Insights: How to visualize Big Data This blog post will give you a small insight in a new way of visualizing Big Data.
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