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SCOUT delivers sustained data tracking and analytics across all innovation fields,
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SCOUT constantly accesses the global innovation publication universe, capturing and collecting the most crucial facts and figures

MAPEGY’s unique data warehouse (our Innovation Graph) is an immense and diverse database made up of the millions of organizations (companies, universities, startups, or investors) and experts (inventors, researchers, or managers) who are driving technologies and trends on a global and local scale. More than just crawl, we store this data in our database to enable historical analysis.

MAPEGY’s algorithms constantly analyze these footprints, updating billions of data points from patents, science and primary technology data, and also web and press publications, and map these data points to feed the Innovation Graph.

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100 million


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Unstructured data is analyzed, structured and interpreted to create our rapidly growing database that currently includes: Technologies, Organizations, Experts.

SCOUT uses a variety of analysis techniques including machine-learning algorithms to refine, structure and visualize this data into easily understandable, objective and repeatable insights. Your results are presented in comprehensible and intuitive tables, forecast timelines, and charts that can be presented to all levels of the management chain.

SCOUT provides your users and teams with clean, accurate and objective data, provided in intuitive tables and reports, all within a few clicks.

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SCOUT is an all-in-one software solution platform that standardizes, streamlines and centralizes your R&D processes

SCOUT can help you standardize your process, creating a central hub of information so that insights can be equally dispersed amongst departments.

Backed by our powerful automated data, your analysts, experts and managers can collaborate using actionable insights to create full reports that inform decision making at the highest level. Experts can bring their own expertise into SCOUT to complement our powerful automated insights, empowering them to do what humans do best: be creative. Reports can be made in just a few clicks and contain high-level visualizations like graphs, tables and trend charts. Report panels are continuously monitoring and updating to ensure that you are always aware of the latest developments.

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Use cases

See the latest market predictions and projections.

Trend analysis
Identify the latest market trends and hyped activities.

Competitor Identification
Identify all relevant actors within your search field.

Startup screening
Identify new players for partnership or acquisition.

Technology landscape
Fast, comprehensive overviews of technologies and industries: forecasts, trends, players and publications.

Market maturity
Assess the current state of a technology or industry according to its actors and activities.

Organization footprint
Assess an organisation’s activity, partners and sphere of influence.

Partnership identification
Identify potential partners within your chosen field according to their activities.

Blindspot analysis
Measure your competence against your competitors, and identify potential threats or opportunities.

Ecosystem mapping
Identify all activities and actors within a technology or industry area. See how these interact.

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