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Explore how our innovation software solutions have helped organizations across industries address specific business challenges. Our use cases showcase real-life scenarios and demonstrate the practical applications of our solutions, whether you're looking to identify new market opportunities, streamline your innovation processes, or leverage external innovation. 

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Identify your organization's strengths and weaknesses, or blind spots that show risks as well as white spots that indicate chances.
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Get fast, comprehensive overviews of technologies and industries: relevant fields, trends, forecasts, publications and players.
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Identify your search field’s latest trends and forecasts.
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Explore the top 500 startups within your field. Identify start dates and total funding amounts.
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Navigate your search field’s ecosystem. Key drivers, geographical hotspots, and explore networks.
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Identify key players for partnership or acquisition. Explore partner networks and geographical hotspots.
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Deep dive into your chosen organization. Identify and explore the scope of its activities.
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Identify inventors, researchers and managers within your search field.
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Explore your search across related industries, technological areas and scientific fields.
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Track the latest patents and inventors related to your search.
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Track the latest scientific publications, universities and academic researchers.
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Track the latest news related to your search field.
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Monitor related web, news, patent and scientific publications.
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Visualize and communicate your organization's innovation landscape. Show your position in relation to relevant technology trends, competitors, and market developments. Monitor your innovation performance and identify opportunities and risks.
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