Technology Intelligence
= AI × (Scouting + Landscaping)

Elevate Your Tech IQ: sharpen your skills to discover emerging technologies and decipher its ecosystems with cutting edge AI in 3 simple steps:


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1. Technology Scouting

Scout the Next Big Thing!

2. Technology Landscaping

Map Your Terrain and Explore the Ecosystem!

3. Found technology gold?
Now: Innovate or Integrate!

Discovering is Just the Beginning: Develop or Collaborate for Success.
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Empowering 100+ of the most innovative enterprises

Our customers make the impossible possible with MAPEGY.

We Save Money and Time

“The previous reports were costing 10.000 - 25.000 euros. With MAPEGY, Airbus could complete 17 new reports that are automatically, constantly updated. We're proud of these outstanding results.”

Dr. Christoph Stehncken - Ex-Head of R&T Composites at Aerotec and Ex-Head of Structures and Technical Authority at Airbus.
Easy Insights from Complex Data

“We use the Portfolio Matrix to perform a Custom Trend Analysis using AI metrics.  We got so many data and information that it would be impossible to analyze all of it, accurately, by ourselves. We combined 94 custom trends with 136 custom industries and in the portfolio matrix it makes a total of 3784 individual queries.”

Nicolas Müller - Marketing Manager at in-manas
Easier Innovation Process

“Radar makes our surveillance technology more lean and simple.”

Senior Manager Product Development - Henkel
Fast overview of technologies & trends

“MAPEGY helped us getting insights and a fast overview of several display technologies."

Business Analyst - Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

Drive Innovation Smarter and Faster
in the Digital Era.

Transform your enterprise with cutting-edge AI insights. Enhance decision-making, uncover market trends, and drive growth with real-time, automated intelligence.

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