Who we are

MAPEGY is a Berlin-based Data Intelligence company, founded in 2012. We are dedicated to the collection and provision of innovation & trend insights for decision-makers in the business, academic and non-profit sectors.

Our Mission:
We help organizations improve tomorrow with today’s data.

Decision-makers today are confronted with more information than ever, with the new challenge of having to identify and assess the data for its authenticity and usability instantly. This can take a toll, and it creates pressure as well as room for error. That is why as a company, we believe in being a companion to decision-makers, and to help them navigate through the endless flows of information they find themselves in. For you, we map the world of information in order to establish clear pathways for new solutions to emerge. Working with MAPEGY means helping to drive growth for business and society alike and create a better tomorrow with the information we have on hand today.

Our Values

We are guided by our purpose to drive growth and sustainable development.

Trusting in

Every action we take is thus subject to regular reflection and assessment with a clear goal in mind: to create better solutions based on what we know, instead of assuming.

Always sharing information

We value the transparent exchange of information and believe this must be accessible to everyone at all times.


We deeply believe that despite our differences as people, we share the desire to be better, and need one another for that.

Believing in

We want to help the world become a better place by building products that shed light on all the facts and enable decision-makers to do the right thing.

At MAPEGY, we believe ...

... that creating a better future is up to those, who are willing to take bold steps and constantly innovate the status-quo. We want to drive sustainable development for people and organizations alike by walking through the world with an open eye and an even more curious mind. We fundamentally believe that fact-based innovation will make tomorrow a better place for everyone.

Interested in joining us?