MAPEGY is a Berlin-based pioneer providing data-driven technology and innovation intelligence. As a “recognised key player innovating AI” (Asgard VC 2017), MAPEGY captures and analyzes global innovation data, empowering our users by delivering instant, actionable insights. SCOUT can automate parts of your research process, saving you significant time and money, and allowing your experts to do what they do best: be creative.


Worldwide R&D expenditures exceed €1.5T. Today, organisations need to stay up-to-date of all technological developments to remain competitive. However, this is becoming increasingly difficult due to the growing volume of global data and data sources. Gathering information is a costly, laborious and tedious, but what if it didn’t have to be?

We at MAPEGY recognise this challenge. To overcome it, we began collecting all innovation information into our centralized data warehouse, our Innovation Graph.  Our Innovation Graph is updated daily and contains billions of data points across technologies, industries, organisation, publications (news, science, patents, podcasts), experts, forecasts and trends. We then analyze and connect all these data points using a range of complex algorithms, including machine-learning, to map the data according to your defined search field. This data is then structured, visualized and presented within our keystone product, SCOUT.

What is SCOUT?

SCOUT, is an end-to-end data intelligence platform that combines powerful automated data analysis with sophisticated data management functionalities. It is the key to our Innovation Graph. Users can explore any technology, organisation or expert, getting fast comprehensive overviews and deep diving within their chosen field. They can then save this data in SCOUT’s My Projects for further scrutiny, or for sharing and collaborating with their team. Users and teams can then create full, management-ready reports, bringing in their own expertise into the platform and making use of SCOUT’s powerful visualizations. Reports can be created in a matter of seconds, and can then be shared as private links, internally and beyond.

Who uses SCOUT?

Anyone conducting research into innovation and technology, from an individual, independent researcher or analyst to entire departments at billion euro revenue corporations.

What benefits can SCOUT bring to you?

By automating parts of your innovation process, SCOUT can be your go-to platform for data collection and analysis. SCOUT’s instant automated data can greatly reduce the time spent on research, whilst also reducing your reliance on expensive market reports, external data sources, and external consultants and experts. More importantly, SCOUT can help minimize the time your teams spend doing laborious tasks, and maximize the time they spend doing more important things: strategizing and being creative. SCOUT also centralizes your innovation process, creating a central hub where information can be evenly distributed around your organization from analyst to senior-management level. SCOUT offers unlimited search possibilities, giving you cheap, reliable and reproducible results for any area you choose. With SCOUT, never miss an opportunity or threat, and be empowered look beyond your organization’s day-to-day activities to push your business forwards.

What are typical SCOUT use cases?

We work closely with our clients to tailor SCOUT to their individual use cases. Typical use cases include: technology landscaping, competitive landscaping, organization footprint analysis, trend identification and analysis, forecasting, startup screening, partner identification, assessing market maturity, blindspot analysis, and many, many more.

Where does MAPEGY’s data come from?

We collect data from an enormous range of sources, both open and closed. Please contact us for a full list of our data sources

How often is MAPEGY’s data updated?

Our data is updated daily.