MAPEGY is a Berlin-based pioneer providing data-driven technology and innovation intelligence. As a “recognized key player innovating AI” (Asgard VC 2017) MAPEGY retrieves R&D relevant facts and figures from patents, scientific publications, standards, websites, press releases and visualizes it an intuitive way. Using our SaaS solutions – consultants, innovation scouts, managers, or business analysts can reduce the time and the workload for desk research from days to a few clicks.

With our affordable pricing, MAPEGY costs less than consultants and provides faster and deeper insight. MAPEGY offers intelligence tools, previously only available to a select few, to individuals and businesses of all sizes – thus significantly expanding the Billion Euro Innovation Intelligence market.


Worldwide R&D expenditures exceed €1.5T. However, billions are wasted due to a lack of advanced technology and market insights for all innovators in companies of all sizes, as well as costly, lengthy and complex intelligence processes. The majority of efforts and money spent on innovation is driven by SMB; however, currently data-driven innovation intelligence is only affordable to big enterprises. MAPEGY relieves all innovators and investors from tedious, unproductive tasks and provides easy-to-use yet complex Big Data, Visual Analytics and AI methods at their fingertips. The SaaS is of massive value to any technology based industry and organization size.

Who does the innovation?

Innovation is driven more by individuals, small organisations (student and professor; inventor, researcher, developer; manager and subject-matter expert; start-up, university, SME, consultancies), rather than corporations. Yet only the big guys can afford proper innovation/business intelligence teams and tools.

Innovator’s problems in a complex world of information overload

All innovators need credible innovation-related business insights at their fingertips in real-time. Most of them can’t afford expensive & complex tools, studies and consultancies. Instead – they mostly use Google & spreadsheets!

Whereas only a few managers and corporates can pay for intelligence tools – SME-s definitely can’t afford it and don’t have special functions/roles implemented. They do it only occasionally or incidentally, and strive for digestible, actionable insights to solve problems.

What benefits we bring to you?

MAPEGY offers tools for navigation/orientation in the vast innovation landscape, to make you faster to market, saving costs, staying ahead of competition and on pulse of time. In other words – Innovation intelligence at all innovators fingertips for affordable costs.

Thus, focusing on small and medium businesses – our motto (slogan) states:

The power of enterprise innovation intelligence (teams and tools) brought to you