May 14, 2014

MAPEGY in the media

The weeks prior to and following our visit at the CeBIT in Hannover, the world’s largest computer expo, MAPEGY received a lot of media coverage in TV, print and online. To keep you on track, this blog offers you a chronological overview of MAPEGY in the media.

At first, MAPEGY was featured in the March issue of Technology Review in the category “startup portrait”. For three pages the author writes about our innovative solution to analyzing large amounts of data and titles with “they can hear the grass grow”. Unfortunately this article is not available online, but it can be ordered at the Technology Review page.

In March, Peter was portrayed in the widely-circulated and internationally known German newspaper, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (F.A.Z.). With the headline “the pilot to certainty”, the author describes a typical day for our CEO, beginning with a short breakfast on the way to the jour fixe at our office in Friedrichshain and ending with a presentation at the Technologiestiftung Berlin, the foundation for technology in Berlin.

At the CeBIT, we had an very interesting week where we had the chance to present in front of a large audience in the code_n-hall and to meet Apple-founder Steve Wozniak who was very interested in our product. Besides that, we received a number of new business contacts and Luis, head of Business Development and Consulting at mapegy, gave an interview for impulse, a german magazine for entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the Berliner Morgenpost mentioned us as one of the most interesting startups from Berlin and the comic author Malte Knaack portrayed MAPEGY in the form of a comic.

At the end of April, a team of the TV show “Wuhladko”, the Sorbian program at the German channel mdr, visited us in our office. Hear our CEO Peter talk in Sorbian about MAPEGY and see our team at work. You can watch the full show online with German subtitles at the Mediathek, starting at minute 18.

berlinSCI is an online magazine devoted to independent journalism in English about German science. For their weblog, they met Peter and Matthias to talk about MAPEGY’s approach in Big Data visualization. Read the full article here.

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