Ramona from MAPEGY
September 3, 2014

MAPEGY Insights: How to visualize Big Data

I am Ramona, a student at the TU Berlin and in this blog post I’ll give you a small insight in what I am engaged at MAPEGY: a new way of visualizing Big Data. As you know we visualize technology data for our customers. At times this Big Data is indeed really, really big and because of that you can see nearly nothing (or just a ball of wool):

Since not everybody has a monitor as big as a billboard we were confronted with the task to visualize a lot of things on a small area. MAPEGY had the idea to consider a new “fisheye” way of visualization as a new layout.

The example below pictures the network of technologies in the field of vehicles, more precisely it shows 1641 technologies like vehicle brake control or air-cushion vehicles. Take a look at the well-arranged new visualization:


In addition to the fact that you can see information, you can also click through the graph and get more information about the parts you are interested in.

Finally you will hopefully agree with me: this big fisheye effect on the whole structure is a great advantage by comparison to the old visualization.

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