October 13, 2014

New Startup Unit for Berlin

Last Friday, Berlin presented its new Startup Unit. MAPEGY's CEO Peter Walde is one of the coordinators of their initiative for foundations with academic background. Together with economic, scientific and startup partners, Berlin launched the “Berlin Startup Unit”. It will oversee the further development of Berlin as a hotspot for founders.

There will be seven initiatives that are coordinated by an institution and a founder in each case. Peter Walde, Chief Executive Officer of MAPEGY GmbH, will be responsible for foundations with an academic background.

“I’m very honored to participate in this promising collaboration of institutions and individuals,“ says Walde. “As a startup with an academic background, we know the benefits of founding in Berlin very well. In the initiative, I want to help to improve the frame conditions, support the networking between academics and regional economic players, and to expand the number of academical foundations.”

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