November 19, 2014

MAPEGY @ WirtschaftsWoche Neumacher

Yesterday, MAPEGY attended the WirtschaftsWoche Neumacher Conference in Hamburg. We were among six finalists of its Gründerwettbewerb picked out of more than 250 applicants. For us, it was all about networking and learning - we had an awesome day.

The location was stunning: a theater in Hamburg’s HafenCity where you normally watch musicals. More importantly we listened to and got in contact with inspiring personalities like Frank Thelen, Miriam Meckel or Florian Heinemann and got pretty good feedback for us and our business model.

The day ended with an award ceremony for the Neumacher founder’s challenge. Congratulations to the well-earned winner Anna Rojahn from Fast Forward Imaging, an impressive founder and a fascinating invention, as well as to all the other finalists. We enjoyed a unique startup spirit and atmosphere.

Back in Berlin we continue changing our lives with new input and confidence in our work and vision. Let’s make “Technology Intelligence at your fingertips” happen!

Thanks to WirtschaftsWoche for having us and for hosting this event.

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