September 17, 2015

MAPEGY’s new home officially opened

Berlin is not only a place for Tourism, Services, Culture and any more, it is also the place where some of the most interesting startups are founded.

To support this, the capital got a new Startup Center named “CHIC” (Charlottenburger Innovations-Centrum), the center for foundations and Innovation in Charlottenburg. Since July 2015 mapegy is a part of CHIC which now has been opened officially.

This month those young Startup companies that had success so far, presented their businesses to the Governing Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, and to the president of Technische Universität (technical University), Prof. Thomsen.

We are glad to say we are one of these companies and It was a pleasure for our CEO and Founder, Peter Walde, having the opportunity to introduce mapegy’s Innovation Intelligence solutions to Mr. Müller and the other guests.

Some (german) articles about our new home:

"One of the biggest and most modern innovation centers in Berlin" - official press release

A location of future (Berliner Morgenpost)

Men that monitor bananas (Tagesspiegel)

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