January 6, 2018

The Benchmarked 54 Tech Giants in the AI race

Nowadays, we live in a world which is becoming increasingly intelligent, automated and digital - in a world where the lines of what is real and what is virtual and artificial are getting more and more blurry. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), data mining, machine learning, pattern recognition, neural networks and natural-language processing have opened a new technological era of highly advanced systems which understand, think, learn, predict, communicate and operate autonomously.

Where the seeds for those technologies were planted back in the 50s when the field of artificial intelligence research was founded as an academic discipline, nowadays R&D activities are becoming more and more intensive in making smart machines intelligent. Key progress is already a fact well illustrated by the success story of AlphaGo - a computer program developed by Google DeepMind which strategically moves based on knowledge previously "learned" by extensive training, both from human and computer play that beat a 9-dan professional in March last year. In the same time AI technologies continue to shape not only computer science and gaming future but also the fate of numerous fields such as finance, healthcare, telecommunication, military, air and space, robotics as well as automotive industry. For example, AI neural networks are used for medical diagnostic. AI is also driving the future of autonomous driving by being the ”brain” of the cars, collecting and processing information and choosing specific actions. (Think of a car that wakes you up if you appear tired behind the wheel... Or think of a car which directs itself to the nearest gas/recharge station when it is running out of fuel...)

It is clear - the potential of AI technologies is immense and intelligence will be embedded in everything around us! So, it is not a surprising fact that many huge technology vendors have entered the AI game, aiming to revolutionize our future.

But who exactly are the top tech giants heavily investing in Artificial Intelligence and its related topics? What is their key focus in the AI technology fields? How do well-known names such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook and IBM distinguish from each other in the battleground for key AI technology vendors? Who of them has more knowledge in machine learning technologies? In neural networks? In pattern recognition?...

Very interesting questions, aren’t they?

Through our Artificial Innovation Intelligence - yes, you’ve read it correctly- AI is also shaping MAPEGY - we found all answers by a click within seconds and visualized them on a single graph - our InnovationGraph on AI and its related technologies!

Have a look on it and get the answers by yourself!

(Click to open full size visualization)


Small hints from our side:
"Relevance" refers to a statistical indicator that reflects the relevance of the technology topic for the respective player whereas "score" is a measure for the innovative power and market strength of the player within the specific technology topic. Or simply said – the bigger and darker the bubble, the stronger the player!

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