September 28, 2018

MAPEGY featured in the Berliner Zeitung!

Last week MAPEGY was featured in the Berliner Zeitung, a renowned local newspaper in the German capital, in an article focussing on young tech companies integrating artificial intelligence into their solutions.

The article focuses on the importance of AI as a growth accelerator for economic development, which has the potential to increase Germany’s economic growth by 1.3%, matching the growth rate of China and placing Germany just behind the USA (1.5%). Berlin has become the most attractive city in Germany for new AI companies, in part because of its strong internationalization. Having found its niche in business-to-business solutions, Berlin AI startups focus on solutions such as bookkeeping automation, credit card fraud detection, data-driven business development, and health and even saving lives through digital systems for illness prediction. Translated into numbers, Berlin hosts one of every four German AI companies, and half of its AI startups.

At MAPEGY, we have developed AI algorithms that work automatically and constantly search the web for new digital footprints of innovation activity. Our intelligent search engine, SCOUT, analyses millions of articles, patents, market players, researchers, industry networks, and more. By providing a highly customizable user interface and precise search tools, SCOUT effectively organizes and filters this information according to the user’s needs. SCOUT then delivers this information in an interactive and intuitive way. SCOUT offers deep market insights into industries and technologies to reveal exactly who is developing what, where, and at what rate. This valuable information affords companies a clear picture into markets, familiar and unfamiliar, allowing them to make informed decisions and strategize effectively. Searches that previously took weeks to accomplish can be now done in a matter of minutes thanks to the powerful algorithms that the company has been perfecting for the past 6 years.

Artificial Intelligence in Berlin

Data has become increasingly relevant over the last few years. Over 90% of all digital information has been generated over the last two years. Advancements in processing power and communication technologies have enabled this shift to the ‘information era’, but these advancements have brought new challenges as well as opportunities. Firms that can adapt to these new paradigms of digitalization achieve a competitive advantage within their industry. Companies at the top need to smartly allocate resources to realize innovative products and services.

Artificial intelligence is gaining an important role when it comes to “finding the gold in the mountain”, according to our CEO, Peter Walde. Considering how digital information is growing at an exponential rate, our job at MAPEGY is to provide our clients with the right tools to exploit this data in a smart and effective way, so they can better allocate resources conduct research more efficiently. Clients such as Volkswagen, BASF or Henkel among others have already trusted us by betting on our intelligent research. Likewise, the numbers used by the Berliner Zeitung to write the article were provided in part by the search results that came out from our AI technology. Join us to identify the opportunities and threats of tomorrow, today.

Find more information on SCOUT and discover the potential of artificial intelligence for your research projects.

Read the article published by the Berliner Zeitung.

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