December 30, 2018

Why is data visualization important?

Keeping up to date with the latest technological developments is decisive when adapting to ever-changing markets. The right information can be decisive when formulating the right strategy for your business. However, in today’s Digital Age, dealing with global technology dynamics and the exponential growth of data might seem near impossible. Big Data has emerged as a valuable information source for companies seeking for insights, but without the right means to interpret this knowledge, much of the information gets lost. That’s where the importance of visualization comes in.

Data visualization simplifies complex analytics and allows us to grasp complicated concepts with ease. It gives the brain an easy and quick way to process large amounts of data. Although data is getting more complex, we shouldn’t use complicated methods to understand it. Data visualization provides us with a clear picture without the need for further interpretation, speeding up the research process and keeping us informed about current and future trends. Here are some upsides of data visualization:

  • Understand information quickly
  • Find related topics, correlations and patterns
  • Identify forecasts
  • Recognize irregularities
  • Share the information in an easier way
  • Explain complex ideas
  • Study the facts and figures with less effort
  • Engage your audience

SCOUT, our intelligent search engine, provides access to the newest trends in innovation and allows you to identify forecasts, similar industries and scientific fields, top players, existing patents, and more. SCOUT offers a comprehensive overview and deep dive into any field or technology, allowing you to evaluate markets and identify emerging technologies and trends.

SCOUT examines millions of articles, posts, research papers, patents, companies, startups, universities, partnerships, etc. giving you a “DNA analysis” of every industry based on the digital footprints of their innovation activity. Powered by AI algorithms, SCOUT not only gathers the most significant results, it efficiently refines and divides them into different tabs so you can easily analyze relevant publications, subjects, peers and partners, experts and forecasts related to your query.

Research that used to take a considerable amount of time is now possible in minutes. SCOUT delivers the information using data visualization, presenting the results in different intuitive and interactive formats, adding value to your search and making it easier to find disruptive trends and breakthroughs:


The results of your query show relevant publications, related subjects, peers and partners and forecasts -which are provided using tables that allow you to contextualize your search area, compare and filter the information quickly


Geomaps show where the HQ of the peers and partners are. It gives you an overview of how relevant is that industry within that country. Clicking on the circles, you will get a list of the players working on that field in the selected geographical area.



Our network diagram, available only for logged in users, present how peers and partners related to your search query are connected to each other, showing you who is working with who.


SCOUT displays the forecasts for any industry, providing a timeline and a list of predictions and reports.

Visual Explorer

Our visual explorer gives you a dynamic overview of industries, tech areas and scientific fields related to your search query as well as a list of references.


The matrix tab shows how peers and partners are present in other related topics, industries, technological areas and scientific fields. The color indicates how active an organization is within an specific area. This feature is only visible for SCOUT logged in users. 


SCOUT users can create projects and share them with their team. You can add bookmarks from your queries, full panels, texts, images, etc.

Export your data

By using SCOUT, you can download your results in different formats (e.g. png, csv, ods, xls).

To find out more about innovation research or current state on any industry, check out our SCOUT.  We are also happy to get your feedback!

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