Anatoliy Goldyrev
April 15, 2020

R&D in the context of Covid-19: Interactive up-to-date analyses of the Global InnovationGraph

In just a couple of months, the new coronavirus has spread around the world, causing billions in aid, restrictions in public life, etc. Our goal is not to tell you something that you already know from hundreds of other news articles or reports. We filter out the most relevant facts & figures from the MAPEGY Global InnovationGraph in the context of Coronavirus research & development, and we make it completely free for you.


In this blog you will get up-to-date dashboards to answer the following questions in the context of Covid-19:

  1. What are the winning and emerging trends and technologies?
  2. What are the most successful companies in the fight against the virus?
  3. Which German companies are affected and how?
  4. Who are the leading research institutions and why?
  5. Who are the experts around the world?

Have a look at the following summary and dive into the dashboard of interest. We recommend opening the dashboards on your computer to enjoy their full potential.


The World is facing a situation that has never been seen previously. Most people feel caught in this global health crisis without warning and are uncertain about the outcome and the duration of the global pandemic. Scientists and big pharma are working at full speed to develop vaccines and treatments to fight the growing number of infections. Enterprises have had to shut down their production, remote working has become a common issue and e-learning is one of the hottest topics right now. Everyone has to adjust and follow the recommendations of the research institutes and governments to slow down the infection rate and relieve pressure on the healthcare system. Yet, how to keep up with the growing stream of data and publications in the context of Corona?


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Top Emerging Technologies & Trends

The Coronavirus has mutated. Now industries have to adapt to the crisis and challenges. What are the hottest technologies and trends right now?

Our Trends Wordcloud below provides an overview of the most important emerging technologies, trends and affected industries. The size of the buzzword indicates the relevance of the topic.

SCOUT Trend-Wordcloud (07.05.2020)


Leading Pharmaceutical Companies in the fight against Covid-19

The German biopharmaceutical company CureVac is one of the leading forces in active preclinical and clinical development of experimental vaccines for prevention of COVID-19. Other companies that may have significant impact in the future might be Regeneron, Novartis and BioNTech among others. It is inspiring to see more and more enterprises pulling together to fight the virus and support the people in need.


COVID-19 Companies

Leading companies in the fight against Covid-19. (07.05.2020)


15 most affected German companies by Corona you should know about

Aside from having an impact on the global economy, coronavirus is causing many companies and business leaders to feel uncertain about the future. It is important to identify the companies who search for and are developing a vaccine and treatment.  It is no less significant to see what influence the Coronavirus has on the business. As the graph below shows, the DAX index fell by 5,550 points in just one month - from 13,800 in February to 8,250 by the end of March. Never before in its history did the German leading index fall so drastically so quickly.


Stock index DAX 30. (07.05.2020)


As COVID-19 creates further economic uncertainty – a deep understanding of changing market conditions is required for maximizing returns, mitigating risks and increasing business opportunities. The table shows the top 10 German companies affected by the crisis.


Affected German companies filtered by Global Score. (7.05.2020)


Important Research Institutions in context of the Coronavirus

The MAPEGY InnovationGraph captures thousands of universities and institutions all around the world working together in the fight against the coronavirus, some of which are directly collaborating together and also working with governments.

For example, the teaching hospitals in Germany recently received a cash injection of 150 million euros from the federal research ministry. Under the direction of the Charité, the institutes will work towards transparent exchanging of data concerning diagnostic and treatment methods as well as medical patent data. This is an important step towards the common goal because university hospitals combine patient care and R&D under one umbrella. New scientific insights can be incorporated directly in the practical work. The table below shows research institutions doing research on Coronavirus.


Research institutions in context of the Coronavirus. (07.05.2020)

Top Experts in context of the Coronavirus

Using the Global InnovationGraph, we can track all experts around the world and visualize their number and location in our Geomap as seen in the picture below. Based on the number of published scientific papers and inventions, we can estimate there are thousands of academic researchers and inventors working on the issue.

In the German media Christian Drosten is being mentioned the most, however, there are also other experts such as Markus Eickmann and Katrin Hartmann.

SCOUT Experts Map. (07.05.2020)


What’s the MAPEGY Global InnovationGraph?

MAPEGY’s unique InnovationGraph is an AI driven representation of the digital footprint of all innovators worldwide. It is an immense and diverse database made up of billions of publications and millions of organizations (companies, universities, startups, or investors) and experts (inventors, researchers, or managers) who are driving technologies and trends on a global and local scale.


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