Alessia Gaspodini
May 24, 2022

A farewell to our Finnish friends

The past few weeks have been so cool!
Coming from the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, Ella, Roope, Mila, Verner, Sanni, Mikael, Salla, and Lenni have joined our team, demonstrating their creativity, dedication, and problem-solving solution oriented attitude. With a background in industrial engineering and management, majoring in ICT, they have tested our platform, SCOUT, our application programming interface (API), and also prepared many articulated projects with interesting results, including the analysis of the European energy system after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


VERNER: “The work was difficult but at the same time felt rewarding. SCOUT gave interesting insights when discovering the future of the European energy mix. When working with SCOUT as an innovation management tool, it truly gave new perspective and insights into the field.”



ROOPE: “We have had to work with many professionals on research projects, evaluating UI/UX elements, analyzing different kinds of business opportunities and helping with the onboarding process. It has been nice to become truly part of the team. I am a curious guy, so data-driven decision making and SCOUT’s innovation insights were exciting for me.”


ELLA: “One of my favorite features in SCOUT was the MAPEGY library. It’s a great tool to explore different projects. It was a fun way to dive deeper into topics you don’t know much about. During this internship, we learned a lot about teamwork and innovation. MAPEGY really opened up the world of innovation management. It was great to work with SCOUT and all the wonderful professionals of the MAPEGY team.”



MILA: “It was exciting to look into trends in different industries and learn a lot about unfamiliar topics. It was really interesting to see innovation management at its finest when working with the MAPEGY team. The team was super welcoming, and it was lovely to get to know all the people and actually get feedback from professionals.”


We hope you had a great time in Berlin with us, and we appreciate you being part of our team. We've learned so much from you, and we're so proud of you all!

We’re sure this is not a goodbye…
The MAPEGY team

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