June 28, 2024

Breaking Down Knowledge Silos: Democratizing Information with SCOUT

In the dynamic world of innovation, the ability to access and share information across an organization is crucial. However, many enterprises struggle with knowledge silos and hierarchical barriers, where critical insights and data remain confined within certain departments or ranks. This compartmentalization stifles organization-wide understanding and collaboration, hindering growth and innovation. At MAPEGY, we offer a solution to this pervasive issue through our AI-driven Innovation Intelligence platform, SCOUT.

The Challenge: Knowledge Silos and Hierarchical Barriers

In many organizations, valuable information is often restricted to specific teams or levels of the hierarchy. This lack of transparency and restricted access leads to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. Innovators and decision-makers are unable to leverage the full spectrum of available insights, resulting in a fragmented approach to strategic planning and innovation management. To thrive in today’s fast-paced and competitive markets, businesses need to break down these silos and foster a culture of open information sharing and collaboration.

The Solution: Democratizing Information

MAPEGY’s platform is designed to democratize information, providing equal access to insights and data across all levels of an organization. By utilizing SCOUT, enterprises can dismantle knowledge silos and overcome hierarchical barriers. Our platform integrates data from a vast array of sources—news, patents, websites, scientific publications, podcasts, projects, standards, companies, universities, startups, and investors—into the Global Innovation Graph. This comprehensive database is continuously analyzed, structured, and interpreted to deliver actionable insights in an easily understandable format.

The Power of the Global Innovation Graph

For the past decade, we have built and refined our Global Innovation Graph, a unique database that encompasses millions of worldwide publications and expert contributions. By providing sophisticated visualizations and clear tables, we make complex data accessible and actionable for everyone in the organization. Whether it’s Innovation Scouting, Innovation Profiling, R&D Intelligence, or Innovation Mapping, SCOUT offers a unified source of truth that supports informed decision-making and strategic intelligence.

Transforming Organizational Culture

Democratizing information with MAPEGY’s platform not only enhances transparency but also promotes a more egalitarian and collaborative culture. When all members of an organization have access to the same data and insights, they can contribute more effectively to innovation strategy and execution. This shift towards a more inclusive approach fosters innovation ecosystems where ideas flow freely, and collaboration drives success. By empowering all employees with Innovation Intelligence, businesses can identify innovation drivers and leverage innovation analytics to stay ahead of the competition.

Evidence and Impact

Our technology-leading solution is trusted by over 50 blue-chip customers, including Siemens, Bosch, BMW, and Accenture. These industry leaders rely on MAPEGY’s actionable innovation and trend insights to future-proof their businesses and rapidly adapt to market changes. By breaking down knowledge silos and providing equal access to information, these companies have transformed their innovation strategies and achieved significant advancements.

Visualizing the Future

Data visualization is a critical component of our platform, helping to convey insights in an impactful and comprehensible manner. By using intuitive visual tools, we ensure that complex data is easily interpretable, enabling all members of the organization to engage with the information and contribute to strategic decisions. This approach not only aids in understanding but also enhances engagement and fosters a collaborative spirit.


In an era where AI, LLM, and NLP are revolutionizing industries, MAPEGY stands at the forefront, delivering cutting-edge solutions for strategic decision-making. By democratizing information and breaking down knowledge silos, our platform fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation. Explore how SCOUT and the Global Innovation Graph can transform your organization’s approach to innovation intelligence and strategic intelligence. Lead market innovation and rapidly adapt to changes with MAPEGY.

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