May 20, 2021

A Focus on Electric Vehicles

At MAPEGY, we love hearing about innovative solutions to everyday problems. The electric car, for example, continues to revolutionize the market, with companies such as Tesla pioneering how we view this technology.

Now, Hyundai has committed $7.4bn to invest in building electric cars in the US1. The car manufacturer plans a huge push to build over 650,000 vehicles which will strengthen domestic manufacturing and create even more markets for new technologies. Hyundai also plans to upgrade current production facilities and increase its investment into smart mobility solutions.

With SCOUT at our fingertips, we can tell you that $48bn in startup funding currently goes into electric automobile technology, with 47,000 research papers published to support this funding. Could this be a market you are missing out on by not investing?

We know that sifting through that much data is a mammoth task, so we do all the hard work for you, providing you with highlights and decisions that point you in the right direction. This is all then presented to you in an easy to read dashboard, similar to the one above.

Our leading recommendations have cemented MAPEGY tools as an industry standard when it comes to research, understandable results and visualisations that empower your everyday decisions.

Our state of the art InnovationGraph platform connects the dots between your businesses goals and customer needs. We aim to always produce data that has a meaning, can raise impactful talking points and we don’t just say something for the sake of it.

For the last 10 years, we’ve been storing information away and have now made it easy to access. This has given global innovators empowerment on making key decisions based on relevant trends, predictions, or emerging technologies.

If partnering with MAPEGY is something you’re interested in, book a demo with us today and see how we can transform your business with MAPEGY SCOUT and InnovationGraph.


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