April 28, 2021

SCOUT highlights the future of Carbon Capture & Storage for businesses

Every business in 2021 is aiming to shrink their carbon footprint. In recent years, carbon capture & storage (CCS) has grown in popularity in order to reduce worldwide emissions. 

This process starts with capturing waste from large sources, such as biomass or fossil fuel power plants, and transporting it to a storage site. It is then deposited underground where it will not enter the atmosphere.

By doing this, businesses can reduce their waste output by up to 90%. But how would you know what companies are doing it and how much? That’s where MAPEGY comes in.

Our SCOUT platform tells us that over 830 established companies are working on carbon capture. Siemens and Chevron set a precedent, with over 28% of research documentation focusing on CCS between them. We predict that by 2040, businesses such as FedEx, McKinsey and BP will also be on board.

It isn’t just big names dominating trends however, as startups all across the world have recently jumped on board. If you happen to trade in the UK, America and Canada then, we suggest going here to see how we can tailor our data to align with your business goals.

You might be thinking, well, where’s the evidence? We’re proud to say that our AI driven tools have provided over 32,000 research papers on carbon capture and they can all be accessed with our InnovationGraph platform. We know you don’t have time to sit and read that many, so we do all the hard work for you, providing you with highlights, decisions and key data.

Our leading recommendations have cemented Mapegy’s tools as an industry standard when it comes to research, understandable results and visualisations that empower your everyday decisions.

If partnering with Mapegy is something you’re interested in, book a demo with us today and see how we can transform your business with SCOUT and InnovationGraph.

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