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June 12, 2024

How Does a Typical User Interact with Innovation Intelligence Tools?

In an era where AI, LLM, and NLP are revolutionizing industries, MAPEGY stands at the forefront, delivering a cutting-edge AI and data-driven Future Intelligence SaaS platform for strategic decision-making in real-time. Our technology-leading solution is trusted by over 50 blue-chip customers such as Siemens, Bosch, BMW, and Accenture. Innovators and decision-makers use our actionable innovation and trend insights to make their businesses future-proof. Access trends, startups, competitors, technologies, and more from one source, fully automated and updated constantly.

Understanding User Interaction with Innovation Intelligence Tools

At MAPEGY, understanding how users interact with our tools is key to delivering a seamless and impactful experience. Users differ significantly based on the type of tasks they perform, and we categorize these interactions into three major dimensions:

  1. Goal of the Task
  2. Depth of the Information Needed
  3. Duration of the Performance

Let's delve deeper into each of these dimensions.

Goal of the Task

Users engage with our tools to achieve specific goals. These can range from gaining a general understanding of a landscape to finding highly specific information. For instance, a user might seek to understand the landscape of an organization or to identify a startup, expert, funding opportunity, patent, technology, or potential partner. The goal dictates whether the user needs a broad overview or precise details to make informed decisions.

  • Example: To understand the landscape of high-temperature superconductivity research.
  • Needs: A general understanding of the field.
  • Example: To find a specific startup or expert.
  • Needs: Specific information to make contact or take the next step​​.

Depth of the Task

The depth of information required varies by user and task. Some users need to dive deep into technical details, while others require top-level trends and market movements. This distinction helps us tailor our tools to meet the diverse needs of our users effectively.

  • Example: What are the latest materials being used in high-temperature superconductivity research?
  • Who: Usually R&D people or experts in the field.
  • Needs: Deep, technical information with high data quality and coverage.
  • Example: What are the top-level trends in the automobile industry?
  • Who: Strategy or market analysts.
  • Needs: Broad, trend-focused information​​.

Duration of the Task

The duration users spend on a task can vary from quick checks to long-term, in-depth research. This dimension helps us understand and support the varying engagement levels of our users.

  • Short-Term: Quick insights and data retrieval for immediate decisions.
  • Long-Term: Extended research periods for comprehensive analysis and strategy development.

Use Cases of MAPEGY's Innovation Intelligence Tools

Our tools are designed to cater to various use cases, aligning with the different goals, depths, and durations of tasks performed by our users. Here are some practical examples:

  1. Continuous Monitoring: Tools like SCOUT enable continuous monitoring of patents, research articles, and news, helping users stay updated on relevant trends and activities​​.
  2. Competitor Analysis: Users can monitor competitors' activities and explore trends that might not yet be on their radar, providing a strategic edge​​.
  3. Exploratory Research: Our tools assist in exploratory research, allowing users to find information that supports innovation and strategic decision-making​​.

Challenges and Feedback

While our tools are highly beneficial, users have provided feedback on areas for improvement. Some users have found the tools complex or counterintuitive, requiring time to learn and navigate. This feedback is crucial for us to refine and enhance the user experience continually.


Understanding how a typical user interacts with innovation intelligence tools helps us at MAPEGY to provide tailored, effective solutions. By focusing on the goals, depth, and duration of tasks, we ensure that our tools meet the diverse needs of innovators and decision-makers, enabling them to navigate fast-paced, competitive markets successfully.

For more detailed insights and real-world use cases, refer to the slides from our recent workshop included below. These slides provide visual examples and further elaborate on the interaction patterns and feedback from our esteemed users.

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