December 8, 2018

MAPEGY’S CEO featured in CIO Look magazine!

We are excited to share that our Founder & CEO Peter Walde is featured in this month’s exclusive issue of CIO Look magazine, Successful Leaders in Tech 2018. This online business publication reveals the stories of inspiring tech entrepreneurs providing pioneering solutions in its 2018 November’s edition. It’s an honor for us to be surrounded by such exceptional leaders!

“Break from the tech stereotype and be a team player”

Besides walking us through his career accomplishments and obstacles, Peter Walde explains in his interview the driving forces that pushed him to become a tech entrepreneur working on improving R&D processes: “I realised that all R&D processes were analog and expert based which made keeping up with global technology dynamics near impossible”. The foundation stone of MAPEGY.SCOUT was laid.

The feature is a must-read for those interested in innovation and gives a glimpse of MAPEGY’S core principles. “It’s important to break from the tech stereotype and be a team player (…) The key drivers to success are not the technologies themselves, but the people you surround yourself with”.

Building the market leader for Global Technology Intelligence

MAPEGY offers our clients two main disruptive tech solutions. “Our key-stone product, SCOUT -an-easy-to-use platform- that anyone can use to access our data warehouse and custom consulting packages for companies”.

SCOUT is a sophisticated innovation monitoring tool for innovation research that allows companies stay ahead of change. “Our AI-backed algorithms constantly analyze millions of data points on industries, companies, experts, technologies and trends to help you see tomorrow’s opportunities and threats, today.”

Researches that used to take weeks can be done now in minutes. Thanks to SCOUT’s customizable user interface and sophisticated tools, our clients have access to a wide range of effectively organized and categorized information. The platform delivers the results in interactive and intuitive formats (tables, graphs, geo-maps, etc.), giving you an overview of any topic, industry or scientific field.

Find out more on SCOUT and discover how AI can improve your research.

Don’t forget to read the interview published by CIO Look magazine!

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