Alessia Gaspodini
March 28, 2024

Navigating the Global Innovation Landscape with MAPEGY: A Comprehensive Data Overview

In today's fast-paced world, access to accurate and timely data is essential for organizations seeking to navigate the complex terrain of global innovation effectively. MAPEGY stands at the forefront, providing a comprehensive solution that combines cutting-edge technology with rigorous data validation processes. Let's delve into the depth and breadth of data sources provided by MAPEGY, its sophisticated data processing pipeline, and how it ensures the relevance and accuracy of innovation data while offering real-time updates.

Exploring Unrivaled Data Sources:

MAPEGY's data offerings span a wide range, ensuring a holistic view of the innovation ecosystem:

  1. Organizations: Covering over 7 million companies, 1.5 million startups, and 2 million research institutions globally, MAPEGY provides insights into various players shaping different industries.
  2. Digital Footprint & Resources: Our platform tracks over 300,000 articles weekly from 5,000+ innovation and R&D-related news sources. Additionally, we provide insights into the online presence of listed organizations, offering valuable intelligence on their activities.
  3. Patents & Science: Each year, MAPEGY captures abstracts from over 4 million patents across 142 authorities and 700,000+ publications from 70,000+ journals and conferences. Our concise summaries enable quick understanding of each innovation's significance, facilitating informed decision-making.

Sophisticated Data Processing Pipeline:

The MAPEGY data value chain comprises four major stages, ensuring that raw data is transformed into actionable insights:

  1. Data Capture & Acquisition: MAPEGY focuses on gathering raw data through various means such as conceptual data modeling, scouting for relevant data, and employing web scraping techniques to harvest data from the internet.
  2. Data Integration & Cleaning: Rigorous data quality assurance measures are implemented to ensure accuracy and reliability. This stage involves linking records, resolving ambiguities, and harmonizing disparate data formats.
  3. Data Enrichment & Representation: MAPEGY adds value to the data by constructing knowledge graphs, applying machine learning algorithms, and utilizing natural language processing to uncover patterns and insights.
  4. Information Retrieval & Visualization: Processed data is made accessible and understandable through semantic search techniques, dimensionality reduction, and graphical representations, ensuring that insights are delivered promptly and efficiently.

Real-Time Updates for Actionable Insights:

MAPEGY's system provides real-time information with automated indicators updated monthly. Timely updates are provided across various categories:

  • News: Daily
  • Research: Daily
  • Patents: Bi-annually
  • Research Projects: Ad-hoc
  • Standards: Daily
  • Organizations: Weekly
  • Web: Ad-hoc

Ensuring Data Relevance and Accuracy:

MAPEGY employs rigorous data validation processes, including cleaning and standardization, to uphold the accuracy and integrity of our data. Continuous improvement is ensured through regular audits and analysis, allowing us to maintain the highest standards of quality and relevance.


Innovation is the cornerstone of progress, and MAPEGY is dedicated to empowering organizations with the insights they need to thrive in today's competitive landscape. With real-time updates, a sophisticated data processing pipeline, and a commitment to data integrity, MAPEGY equips you with the tools to make informed decisions and drive innovation forward. Explore MAPEGY today and unlock the full potential of global innovation intelligence.

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