Join us in creating a better
tomorrow with today's data!

We are a growing team eager to drive sustainable development for people and
organizations alike through data-intelligence: and we need you to help us!

Culture and Perks

We like to think we have a great outlook and offer some great benefits

Flexible work life

Whether you want to work in an office or 100% remotely, your hours are flexible and always suit your needs. It’s your choice!

Learning & Development

If you want to develop your skills further or simply bag some extra ones, that is something we will champion and support you with 110%.

Think Big
An Environment to Think Big

We love anyone that can think outside of the box and who brings innovative solutions to problems.

Building Great Products

We will always focus on our customers first and never talk the talk, if we can’t walk the walk!

Positive team
Positivity First

We make sure that everything we do has a positive impact.

Regular Team-Building Events

You can look forward to regular team events and parties throughout the year.

Open positions

Chief Operating Officer

As the COO of MAPEGY you join the CEO as a counterpart in leading the organization both to the outside and inside. In this context the role of the CEO concentrates on the visionary and strategic aspects including culture and opportunity seeking, while the role of the COO focuses on the integrational aspects: harmonically integrating and leading all major business functions towards the strategic focus of MAPEGY.

Customer Success Professional
Customer Success Professional

Mehr als 40 der weltweit innovativsten und erfolgreichsten Unternehmen wie Bosch, Continental, Daimler, LG, Mitsubishi Chemicals oder Sony bauen eine bessere und nachhaltige Zukunft mit uns. Die Nutzer unserer KI-basierten Innovation-Intelligence-Plattform SCOUT (SaaS) sind Entscheider, Innovatoren und Strategen in deren Schaltzentralen. Sie nutzen unsere visualisierten Daten und Fakten, tragen diese in ihre Organisation und treiben strategische Entscheidungen voran. Deren Erfolg hängt davon ab, dass unsere Plattform optimal genutzt wird. Hier kommst Du ins Spiel als Customer Success Professional.

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