The power of data intelligence for decision-makers

virtual & on-site | October 21, 2021

hosted by MAPEGY & Mitsubishi Chemicals Advanced Materials


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Taking action on the basis of good data has never been so important

Our lives, both as organizations and individuals, are changing faster than ever before. Across the globe, businesses, as well as research and academic institutions, face the challenge of making smart decisions to accelerate sustainable development in both the public and private sectors. While this poses a great many challenges, there is however more data available than ever before to drive smart decision-making. 

About the event

The Connected Knowledge 2021 was among the first events in the data intelligence sector to focus on promoting informed and sustainable decision-making. MAPEGY and Mitsubishi Chemical Advanced Materials (MCAM) were co-hosting this event at MCAM’s KAITEKI showroom in Frankfurt am Main on October 21st. The goal was to provide insights and kick-start discussions on A.I.'s role, potentials, and limitations in sustainable development efforts.

More than 100 attendees from 60 different organizations joined the discussions, shared valuable insights, industry-related expertise, and networked to enable knowledge sharing.

Key takeaways

#datamakesadifference in #sustainableinnovation

Accelerating innovation requires linking data with technological developments. To achieve net-zero we must invest in technology innovation. Targeted innovation policies should focus on technologies that have the greatest potential to slash carbon emissions, maximize knowledge sharing between businesses and sectors and be bold and revolutionary.
Global networking and rapid technological change are driving the transition from closed to open innovation. By opening up the innovation process to employees and external innovation partners a number of significant advantages can be realized.
  • Time Savings: Reduction of time to market
  • Cost Savings: Reduction of cost to market
  • Risk Minimization: Increase of the fit to market
  • Linking of knowledge: Greater ideas and knowledge base
Sustainability is not just about adopting the latest energy-efficient technologies or turning to renewable sources of power. Sustainability is the responsibility of every individual, every day = "KAITEKI". It is about changing our behavior and mindset. It all starts with us, and we all must play our part.
Knowledge workers can make themselves more productive by thinking consciously about how they spend their time; deciding which tasks matter most to them and their organizations; and leaning on cutting-edge technologies that help them realize their goals faster.

Keynotes & User stories

10:00-10:20  CEST

Towards a world of informed decision-makers
Dr. Peter Walde, CEO & Founder MAPEGY

Learn more about the history of MAPEGY and its CEO, who talks about how MAPEGY helps organizations improve tomorrow with today’s data.

HubSpot Video

10:20-10:40  CEST

Data science at MAPEGY: From raw data to innovation insights.
Dr. Matthias Plaue, Chief Data Scientist MAPEGY

Find out how MAPEGY drives insights from raw data, using machine learning.

HubSpot Video

10:45-11:45  CEST

Case study:
Trend identification & Technology landscaping

Airbus and MCAM.

How to identify the latest technologies and trends for my field of interest? How to explore its players and contexts, its future growth and potential?

HubSpot Video

5 min Data Intelligence based on a specific use case, followed by 13 min discussion.

10:45-11:45  CEST

Case study:
Competitive landscaping

Airbus and MCAM.

How to keep uptodate on your field's ecosystem, all key players developments, and their global footprint?

HubSpot Video

5 min Data Intelligence based on a specific use case.

10:45-11:45  CEST

Case study:
Startup identification

Use case with REWE.

How to identify the top startups for my industry, related trends or technologies?

HubSpot Video

5 min Data Intelligence based on a specific use case, followed by 18 min discussion.

10:45-11:45  CEST

Case study: Environmental scanning, White (blind) spot analysis
Use case with in-manas and MCAM.

How to gain actionable insights into companies’ and markets’ ambitions towards a sustainable future, and/or into macro trends and their impact on whole industries or companies? How to identify white (blind) spots?

HubSpot Video

8 min Data Intelligence based on a specific use case.

13:00-13:20  CEST

MAPEGY Product Roadmap

Ainhoa Alzola, Product Manager MAPEGY

Take a look at MAPEGY’s Product Roadmap: Ainhoa Alzola, Product Manager at MAPEGY, highlights our vision, direction, and progress over time.

HubSpot Video

18 min presentation.

13:20-14:00  CEST

Case study: Business Intelligence to accelerate sustainable innovation

Tim Vorage
, Manager and Founder
Franziska Pieper, Project lead and Business Analyst @ Growth Garage, MCAM
Stuart Burns, Innovation Director, Rotite Technologies

A practical example of how data intelligence supports sustainable growth and stimulates Circular Economy

HubSpot Video

38 min presentation and discussion.

14:00-14:45 CEST

Panel: The role of innovation in driving sustainability

- Stuart Burns, Innovation Director, Rotite Technologies
Dr. Christoph Stehncken, Ex-Head of R&T Composites at Aerotec and Ex-Head of Structures and Technical Authority at Airbus
Henning Bloech, Global Director of Sustainable Solutions at MCAM
Nicole Kambeck, Circular economy director at Mitsubishi Chemical Europe
Syed Ishaq, Enterprise Sales Executive MAPEGY

Get the latest insights on AI and its role in helping organisations achieve their sustainability goals and targets.

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Impressions of the onsite & online event

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MAPEGY GmbH is a Berlin-based data-intelligence company that collects and disseminates innovation trends and insights to decision-makers in the business, academic, and non-profit sectors. The company was founded in 2012 and has since developed sophisticated technology that allows access to billions of contemporary and historical data points from all sectors and visualizes them for strategic decision-making.

About Mitsubishi Chemicals Advanced Materials (MCAM)

MCAM is a global leader in the production of high-performance thermoplastic materials as semi-finished products and finished parts. MCAM shares the vision of its parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation (MCHC), and is dedicated to the realization of KAITEKI, “a sustainable condition which is comfortable for people, society and the Earth”.