MAPEGY 2024's MOBILITY Disruptors: Top 10 Companies to Watch
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March 21, 2024

Industrials Disruptors: Top 10 Companies to watch in 2024

As we venture into 2024, the industrial sector is brimming with disruptive innovations reshaping the landscape. This report showcases a curated list of ten companies poised to lead the charge in innovation and disruption in 2024. From technological advancements in manufacturing and energy efficiency to groundbreaking developments in sustainable practices, these companies are at the forefront of industrial transformation. This report not only highlights their achievements and potential but also provides a lens through which we can view the evolving landscape of the industrial world in the coming year.

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Top 10 Industrials Disruptors to watch

1. Cainiao Logistics

Cainiao Logistics, the logistics arm of Alibaba Group, stands out in the 2024 industrial sector due to several innovative advancements. The company has forged a notable partnership with McDonald's China to streamline supply chain processes using RFID technology, significantly enhancing efficiency from manufacturing to point-of-sale​​ [source]. Emphasizing environmental responsibility, Cainiao has implemented a comprehensive green logistics system, successfully reducing packaging material usage, promoting recycling initiatives, and increasing the use of electric vehicles for urban deliveries​​ [source]. The launch of its smart warehouse solution underscores its technological prowess, addressing the growing demand for logistics efficiency and warehouse digitalization [source]​​. Finally, Cainiao's '5-Day Global Delivery' service showcases its commitment to setting new industry benchmarks in delivery speed and efficiency, further solidifying its position as a leading disruptor in the logistics industry​​ [source].

2. Kioxia

In 2024, Kioxia Corporation highlighted its innovative SSD and memory solutions at CES 2024, showcasing its advanced flash memory technologies​​ [source]. The company's diverse product offerings include scalable 3D flash memory and specialized flash solutions for automotive and other applications [source]​​. Kioxia's commitment to innovation and industry leadership is further evidenced by its extensive portfolio of patents, covering various semiconductor manufacturing and memory technologies​​​​ [source]. Additionally, a significant licensing agreement with Adeia emphasizes Kioxia's role in advancing NAND memory and storage solutions [source]​​.

3. Flexport

Flexport's recognition as one of "2024's Industrial Disruptors: Top 10 Companies to Watch" is due to its strategic responses to challenging market conditions and innovative approaches in logistics technology. Flexport is enhancing its technological capabilities, notably through discussions to acquire technology from freight startup Convoy, thereby strengthening its presence in the U.S. trucking market and progressing towards profitability [source]​​. Additionally, Flexport's platform is designed to help clients manage supply chain disruptions, like natural disasters and trade wars, by proactively flagging shipments needing attention, underscoring its commitment to maintaining smooth operations for its clients​​ [source].

4.CNH Industrial

CNH Industrial has a strategic emphasis on innovation, customer-driven development, and sustainability. The company is doubling down on its R&D and Capex investments, particularly in the Agriculture Segment, with plans to nearly double these investments to $4 billion, focusing on automation, autonomy, and connected ecosystems, along with alternative fuels​​. In its Construction Segment, CNH is driving a transformation aimed at profitable growth and new customer-centric solutions, enhancing productivity and sustainability​​ [source]. Additionally, the company's strategic direction includes a concentration on precision agriculture and autonomy, reinforced by its acquisition of Raven Industries [source]. These initiatives across various segments of CNH Industrial highlight its potential for continued innovation and leadership in the industrial sector.

5. Skydio

Skydio, a key disruptor in the 2024 industrial sector, has significantly impacted drone technology. They've focused on autonomous, AI-powered drones, particularly for defense, highlighted by their Skydio X2D and X10D models​​ [source]. Their strategic pivot from consumer to defense and enterprise markets has proven successful. Financially, they've soared to a $2.2 billion valuation after a $230 million Series E round [source]. Their engagement with U.S. defense leaders and widespread use in various sectors, from transportation to public safety, underscores their innovative prowess [source].

6. Geek+

Geek+ makes its mark in 2024 as a top industrial disruptor, selling over 20,000 advanced autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) globally​​ [source], and diversifying into a variety of logistics hardware solutions [source]​​. This is backed by strong research and development, with a dedicated team and a robot-making factory​​ [source]. The company's global expansion is evident in its international partnerships and significant funding rounds, highlighting its growing influence in the intelligent logistics sector​​​​ [source].

7. ICON Technology

ICON Technology has distinguished itself as a top industrial disruptor in 2024, thanks to several groundbreaking initiatives. ICON secured a significant $57 million contract with NASA for developing a system to 3D print structures on extraterrestrial surfaces, notably the Moon. This project, under NASA's Artemis program, highlights ICON's advanced capabilities in large-scale 3D printing and positions the company as a key player in the field of space exploration​​ [source]. Additionally, ICON has made headlines in the media, including features on CBS's 60 Minutes, and has been recognized for setting new standards in the 3D printing construction sector. This recognition includes receiving acceptance criteria for 3D-printed walls by the International Code Council’s Evaluation Service, further establishing ICON's role as a pioneer in innovative building techniques​​ [source].

8. Markforged

Markforged, a prominent player in the industrial 3D printing arena, has garnered notable institutional support with institutions owning 33.05% of the shares and PE and VC firms holding 45.06%. This support, along with an optimistic outlook for development and innovation in 2023 and 2024, underlines Markforged's strong position in the market despite some risks associated with SPACs and the broader macroeconomic environment​​ [source]. Markforged has also made strides in distributed manufacturing with its Digital Source platform. This platform enables the licensing and printing of manufacturer-certified parts at the point of need, offering benefits like reduced inventory costs and improved productivity. The implementation of Digital Source in Project DIAMOnD, the world's largest emergency response network for on-demand printing, highlights Markforged's commitment to advancing additive manufacturing technologies​​ [source].

9. Attabotics

Attabotics, a trailblazer in 3D robotics supply chain systems, has raised $71.7 million USD in Series C-1 funding, led by Export Development Canada and the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan Board, marking a significant boost for its innovative technologies. This funding follows a year of substantial growth, including the launch of Attabot 2022 and key partnerships with notable entities like the U.S. Department of Defense and Pan Pacific Pet​​​​ [source]. Attabotics stands out for its revolutionary approach to warehouse management, replacing traditional layouts with a patented structure that utilizes vertical and horizontal space, reducing warehouse needs by 85%. This strategy not only optimizes storage but also contributes to job creation and lower carbon emissions by enabling proximity to urban centers​​ [source].

10. Rethink Robotics

Rethink Robotics, renowned for its collaborative robots like Baxter and Sawyer, joined the United Robotics Group GmbH in 2021, after its assets were acquired by the HAHN Group in 2018 [source]​​. Known for easy-to-use, flexible cobots, Rethink Robotics operates under German engineering excellence, enhancing product quality and innovation. The company's Sawyer BLACK Edition, launched post-acquisition, showcases advancements in durability and quiet operation [source]​​. Holding significant patents, Rethink Robotics continues to lead in the collaborative robotics domain, reflecting its sustained commitment to technological innovation and industry impact​​ [source].


As we delve into 2024, the industrial sector stands on the brink of a transformative era, marked by groundbreaking innovations and disruptive technologies. Cainiao Logistics exemplifies this trend with its integration of RFID technology and a green logistics system, revolutionizing supply chain efficiency and environmental responsibility. Kioxia Corporation, with its advanced SSD and memory solutions, reinforces the evolution in semiconductor manufacturing. Flexport’s innovative logistics technology, including a potential acquisition of Convoy's technology, is redefining supply chain management amidst global challenges. CNH Industrial's investment in R&D and sustainability, particularly in precision agriculture, marks a new chapter in agri-tech. Skydio’s pivot to AI-powered drones for defense, Geek+'s global influence with autonomous mobile robots, and ICON Technology’s NASA partnership for lunar 3D printing highlight the depth of innovation across sectors. Markforged's focus on distributed manufacturing and Attabotics' revolutionary approach to warehouse management showcase the synergy of technology and operational efficiency. Lastly, Rethink Robotics, with its user-friendly collaborative robots, embodies the integration of innovation with practical applications.

This report encapsulates the essence of industrial disruption in 2024 – a blend of technological prowess, strategic foresight, and a commitment to sustainable and efficient practices that are setting new benchmarks and charting the future course of the industrial sector.

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