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March 14, 2024

IT & Telecommunications Disruptors: Top 10 Companies to watch in 2024

As we venture into 2024, the IT and Telecommunications sector is on the brink of a revolutionary shift. With a robust base of established companies, the industry is fueled by impressive startup funding, setting the stage for groundbreaking advancements. This momentum is further amplified by research funding, promising a year of significant innovation and disruption.

Our article offers an insightful glimpse into the companies at the forefront of this transformation, highlighting those set to redefine the landscape of technology and communication.

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Top 10 IT & Telecommunications Disruptors to watch

Sorted by Funding, this is the list of the Top 10 IT & Telecommunications Disruptors to Watch, according to SCOUT, our Future Intelligence platform.

1. Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio stands out in the IT and Telecommunication sector due to its disruptive launch of affordable 4G services in India, which dramatically expanded internet accessibility. The company's expansion into various digital services, like JioFiber and JioTV, and the introduction of cost-effective devices further diversified its offerings. Attracting significant investments from global tech giants, including Facebook and Google, Jio not only received financial backing but also technological collaboration. This innovative approach, coupled with a focus on customer-centric services, has driven its rapid growth, making it a highly funded and influential player in the telecom industry. [source] [source]

2. DataBank

DataBank has emerged as a notable entity in the IT and Telecommunication sector, primarily due to its innovative approach to data center growth and edge computing. The company's notable 234% revenue growth, recognised in the Deloitte Technology Fast 500™, is attributed to increased demand from enterprise and hyperscale cloud clients. Pioneering in secured note funding, DataBank raised $658 million, a strategy allowing borrowing at lower rates using asset pools as collateral. This approach, typically reserved for large-scale deals, has been effectively adapted for multi-tenant data centers. DataBank's expansion in edge computing and data center solutions underlines its significant role in evolving digital infrastructure needs. [source] [source]

3. Dataminr

Dataminr, specializing in real-time information discovery from public data sources, raised $475 million in a Series F funding round, valuing the company at $4.1 billion. This funding supports the growth of its business areas, international sales, and AI platform expansion. The significant investment was contributed by a mix of investors including Eldridge, Valor Equity Partners, and MSD Capital. This capital influx came as Dataminr experienced a surge in business and prepared for a potential IPO in 2023. The company's growth is fueled by its innovative use of AI to provide insights into ongoing events and developments from a vast array of public data sources. [source]

4. Illumio

Illumio, a leader in Zero Trust Segmentation, recently raised $225 million in a Series F funding round, bringing its valuation to $2.75 billion. This significant investment, led by Thoma Bravo, is part of Illumio's total funding exceeding $550 million. The company's focus on zero trust solutions for internal network segmentation is aimed at preventing lateral movements in cyberattacks and data breaches. Its products include workload and endpoint security solutions, serving many major global organizations, including top SaaS companies, banks, and insurance firms. This funding boost is set to fuel Illumio's product innovation, customer success initiatives, and global partnership strategy, reinforcing its pivotal role in enhancing cyber resiliency in the IT and Technology sector. [source] [source]

5. PagerDuty

PagerDuty, established in 2009, has evolved into a significant player in the IT and Technology sector, thanks to its innovative real-time IT incident management solutions. The company's funding journey includes a seed round of $1.9 million in 2010 and subsequent rounds culminating in over $170 million by 2018. Key funding moments include a $43.8 million round in 2017 and a $90 million round in 2018, which valued PagerDuty at $1.3 billion. Revenue generation stems from tiered subscription plans catering to various organizational needs. The company's IPO in 2019 marked a major milestone, highlighting its success in the digital operations management market. [source] [source]

6. OwnBackup

OwnBackup, a data protection solutions provider, has made significant strides in the IT sector, notably raising $240 million in a Series E funding round, reaching a valuation of $3.35 billion. This achievement brings their total funding to approximately $500 million. Specializing in cloud-to-cloud data protection, particularly for Salesforce, OwnBackup is expanding to other SaaS platforms like Microsoft Dynamics 365. This expansion, combined with a focus on creating a positive work environment and supporting employee growth, has been crucial to their success. The company's rapid growth, marked by achieving unicorn status and plans for further global expansion and potential IPO, underscores its significant role in the cloud data protection market.[source] [source]

7. Salsify

Salsify, a Commerce Experience Management platform, has significantly impacted the IT and Technology sector with a $200 million Series F funding, elevating its valuation to $2 billion. This round, led by TPG, included contributions from Permira, Neuberger Berman Funds, and Cap Table Coalition, bringing total funding to over $450 million. Salsify's platform, crucial in the digital commerce space, enables brands, distributors, and retailers to enhance their digital shelf presence. The funding supports product innovation, global expansion, and improving the platform's capabilities. Salsify's substantial growth, broad customer base, and recognition as a product information management leader underscore its vital role in digital commerce solutions. [source]

8. Actifio

Actifio, a trailblazer in copy data management, achieved significant growth through strategic funding and innovation. Completing a substantial $100 million funding round, Actifio's valuation rose to $1.3 billion. This investment reflects its focus on customer growth and profitability over an immediate IPO. Founded by Ash Ashutosh, the company innovated in virtualizing data for business resilience and cloud accessibility. With its Virtual Data Pipeline, Actifio offered comprehensive data management and protection, attracting a global client base across various industries. In December 2020, Google's acquisition of Actifio marked a major milestone, showcasing its pivotal role in data management and digital transformation.[source] [source]

9. Cognite

Cognite, an industrial software innovation leader, achieved a significant milestone in 2021 with a $150 million investment from TCV, valuing the company at $1.6 billion and establishing it as a European SaaS unicorn. This investment reflects Cognite's rapid growth since its inception in 2017 and the global interest in its industrial software technology. Cognite's flagship product, Cognite Data Fusion® (CDF), is transforming asset-intensive industries worldwide by enhancing data accessibility and utility, supporting AI-based solutions, and contributing to sustainability efforts. The partnership with TCV, alongside support from Accel and majority stakeholder Aker, is set to further accelerate Cognite’s global expansion and digital transformation initiatives in legacy industries. [source] [source]

10. Rigetti Computing

Rigetti Computing, a pioneer in full-stack quantum computing, has made significant strides since its inception in 2013. Operating quantum computers over the cloud since 2017, Rigetti serves diverse clients through its Quantum Cloud Services. The company achieved a milestone with the sale of its first 9-qubit Quantum Processing Unit and is advancing its technology with the development of multi-chip quantum processors like Ankaa-1 and Lyra systems. Rigetti's collaborations, including the DARPA Benchmarking Program and an Innovate UK grant project, highlight its commitment to integrating quantum and classical computing, aiming for quantum advantage in various sectors. [source] [source] [source]


This report encapsulates a diverse group of trailblazing companies in IT and telecommunications, each marking significant technological advancements and market shifts. Reliance Jio has revolutionized Indian telecom with its affordable 4G services, while DataBank's focus on edge computing and innovative funding underscores the evolution in data storage and management. Dataminr's use of AI in real-time information analysis is pivotal in our data-centric era. Illumio's Zero Trust Segmentation approach is reshaping cybersecurity strategies. PagerDuty's successful IPO highlights the fusion of technology and operational efficiency. Salsify is leading changes in digital commerce with its Commerce Experience Management. Actifio's acquisition by Google emphasizes the significance of innovative data management. Rigetti Computing significantly impacts quantum computing with its advanced full-stack approach and multi-chip processors.

These companies are not only significant recipients of funding but are also key drivers of change, setting benchmarks and steering the future of technology in their respective domains.

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