Alessia Gaspodini
March 15, 2023

How MCG & AIRBUS boosted their Innovation Processes with MAPEGY

How to Stay Up-to-Date on Your Field's Ecosystem, All Key Players' Developments, and Their Global Footprint With Just a Few Keywords.

How to Boost Your Innovation Process: The Collaboration between Humans and Artificial Intelligence

Finding a new tool to improve your innovation process can be a daunting task, especially if you are not familiar with the technology. One of the main challenges of learning a new AI-powered tool is asking the right questions to it. This requires a deep understanding of the tool's functionalities and how it can help you achieve your innovation goals. 

Listen to the full discussion between Tim Vorage (MCAM), Dr. Christoph Stehncken (MCAM, ex-AIRBUS), and Dr. Peter Walde (MAPEGY) about the deep meaning and interesting connection between Artificial Intelligence, AI tools, and human decision-making, as well as how the entire process boosts innovation effectively. Below a few highlights from the interview:

The tool (SCOUT) helps you visualize the data and the information and gives you an indication of trends, but then we have to make a decision, as humans. - Dr. Christoph Stehncken.  
At the end, AI is augmented human intelligence, so it helps you putting all the facts and data on the table, but then you have to make the right decision. Humans make decisions. People. Organizations. Not a platform. A deep connection between humans and AI is the key and that's why the user experience is very important for us at MAPEGY. - Dr. Peter Walde. 

About the Speakers

Tim Vorage mapegy

Tim Vorage, Sr. Manager and Founder Business Incubator Growth Garage at Mitsubishi Chemical Group, MCG. Passionate about open innovation and business development, Tim is supporting innovators and entrepreneurs globally to achieve their dreams and contribute to a sustainable future. He's passionate for open innovation and business development that is based on the circular economy, which resulted in founding the Growth Garage.


Christoph Stencken mapegy

Dr. Christoph Stehncken, Ex-Head of R&T Composites at Aerotec and Ex-Head of Structures and Technical Authority at Airbus. With a background in Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, he extended his field of action in the automotive industry, where he could build the most innovative cars for 10 years.  He  is now working as Head of Program Management of global OEM-driven projects to push Business Development on the next level at Mitsubishi Chemical Group - Advanced Materials Division. 


Peter Walde MAPEGY

Dr. Peter Walde, CEO & Founder MAPEGY, is a a proud Sorb and passionate entrepreneur. Before MAPEGY he headed the profit center Di.Ana (Digital Intelligence) @VOLKSWAGEN. Additionally to his practical work, Peter did research on NLP, Text Mining, and how to apply it to innovation management as part of his doctoral thesis at the University of Leipzig that finally led to MAPEGY

About MCG and Growth Garage

mcam mitsubishi mapegy

Mitsubishi Chemicals Advanced Materials works to “make ambitious ideas possible”. How? They assist inventors in locating the ideal components, layouts, and manufacturing procedures that will enable them to commercialize their ideas more quickly, sustainably, and cleanly. As a top producer of high-performance thermoplastics and composites available as semi-finished goods and finished parts around the world, they support the realization of ambitious ideas in a variety of applications and sectors, from aeronautics to bioprocessing. 

Growth Garage is the business incubator from the Advanced Materials Division of Mitsubishi Chemical Group (MCG). Their mission is to support and grow new ideas using their technologies and advanced engineering materials to help tackle some of today's biggest engineering challenges. They are offering the opportunity for engineers and innovators to pitch them their ideas. Successful applicants will receive their full support, expertise and materials to help develop their projects from initial prototype to final product.


Airbus mapegy

Airbus is a world leader in the aerospace sector, operating in the commercial aircraft, helicopters, defense and space sectors “for a safe and united world”. With around 130,000 employees and as the largest aeronautics and space company in Europe, Airbus is a pioneer in different fields, including designing, manufacturing and delivering aerospace solutions. They constantly receive roughly half of all orders for commercial airplanes and produce the most cutting-edge commercial aircraft.


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