Alessia Gaspodini
March 15, 2023

Driving Regional Growth and Development: A Successful Project Collaboration Between MAPEGY and WISTA

The MAPEGY Radar

In today's fast-paced world, data-driven insights have become the bedrock of informed decision-making. For a region to thrive, it must harness the power of data and innovation to create sustainable growth opportunities. This is precisely what transpired in the collaborative effort between MAPEGY and WISTA Management GmbH, a state-run organization dedicated to promoting economic development in Berlin. Building on the success of the "Innovationradar Berlin" project in 2014, we enthusiastically accepted the challenge and proudly stood by WISTA in their mission to propel regional growth and development.

WISTA Final Presentation (3)

WISTA Management GmbH: A Driving Force in Berlin's Economic Landscape

With their expertise as a business promoter, site developer, and service provider, WISTA actively strengthens Berlin's economic foundation at the intersection of research and industry. Their dedication extends to building and operating technology centers, selling leasehold properties, supporting new businesses, fostering research-industry collaboration, and promoting international cooperation.

The Collaborative Project: Profiling and Decision-Making for the Berlin-Lausitz Innovation Corridor

The aim of this collaborative project between MAPEGY and WISTA was twofold. Firstly, it involved data-based analysis to support the profiling of the Berlin-Lausitz Innovation Corridor. Secondly, it aimed to provide a data-driven foundation for political and economic stakeholders in the region, thereby aiding decision-making processes.

In the course of this project, MAPEGY produced a series of more than 10 comprehensive reports covering a wide range of technologies, including batteries, renewable energy, energy storage, electric mobility, smart grids, CCS, hydrogen, digitalization and IoT, circular economy, building energy efficiency, and industrial energy efficiency. This meticulous research laid the groundwork for informed decision-making, particularly in the context of the energy transition, a critical component of regional development.

WISTA Final Presentation (4)
WISTA Final Presentation (5)

A Testimonial from Nicolas Schröder, Innovation Analyst at MAPEGY


Let's dive into the insights of Nicolas Schröder, our Innovation Analyst at MAPEGY, who played a pivotal role in the project. Here's an insider's perspective.

What were the most rewarding aspects of working on this project as an innovation consultant, particularly in the context of driving regional development and growth?

The most rewarding aspect of working on this project was the tangible positive impact our work, alongside local leaders and businesses, has on regional communities. It's incredibly fulfilling to see how data-driven insights can shape the future of a region, facilitating growth, and fostering innovation. Knowing that our efforts contribute to the prosperity and well-being of local residents is truly gratifying.

What advice would you give to other regions or projects looking to undertake similar data-driven initiatives to support decision-making and innovation?

I would advise emphazising local data sources and prioritising data quality. Understanding the unique characteristics of your region is essential. Engage stakeholders early and foster cross-sector collaboration. Data-driven initiatives thrive when there's buy-in from local businesses, government bodies, and research institutions. Working together, we can unlock the potential of data to drive innovation and make informed decisions that benefit everyone.


In conclusion, the successful collaboration between MAPEGY and WISTA exemplifies the power of data-driven insights in driving regional development and growth. This project serves as a blueprint for other regions and projects seeking to harness the potential of data and innovation to shape a brighter future for their communities. With MAPEGY's innovation intelligence and WISTA's commitment to economic development, the Berlin-Lausitz Innovation Corridor is well-positioned for a prosperous and sustainable future.

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