Alessia Gaspodini
March 15, 2023

In-manas on Leveraging MAPEGY for Trend Analysis and Insights

How to Gain Actionable Insights into Companies’ and Markets’ Ambitions towards a Sustainable Future, and/or into Macro Trends and Their Impact on Whole Industries or Companies? How to Identify White (Blind) Spots?


Challenge: Trend Identification

In this interview, hosted by our CEO Dr. Peter Walde, Nicolas Müller, the current Marketing Manager at in-manas, values the importance of recognizing global trends to achieve innovation, sustainability, and successful strategies. And we at MAPEGY are happy to support in-manas in this. In Nicolas' words:

We use MAPEGY to deliver what we call TRENDS FACTS to assess trends relevance and to make trends comparable with each others. With MAPEGY we got key indicators and we could improve our software and help more and more customers

How MAPEGY Supported In-manas

In this video, Nicolas shares his experience with MAPEGY, shedding light on the MAPEGY Matrix. With this Scout functionality, users get a bird’s eye view of how different technologies & trends affect their peers (& themselves). What are the weak spots and how are competitors reacting to the latest trends? It gives users a high level idea of which are the topics they would want to do a further deep-dive. Nicolas adds:

We use the Portfolio Matrix to perform a Custom Trend Analysis. With different queries being set up, we get the trends facts for a fast scan", he said. "We got so many data and information that it would be impossible to analyze all of it, accurately, by ourselves. We combined 94 custom trends with 136 custom industries and in the portfolio matrix it makes a total of 3784 individual queries.

Thank you for trusting us. We are very happy to continue supporting you!

Watch the full interview here, hosted by MAPEGY CEO Dr. Peter Walde: 

  • [0:00 - 1:56]: Get to know Nicolas Müller, prior Product Manager and current Marketing Manager at in-manas and how in-manas is developing innovative digital enterprise-solutions, in collaboration with MAPEGY. 
  • [2:25 - 2:56]: Why, in particular, the use case environmental scanning is useful to in-manas? 
  • [3:01 - 4:24]: What kind of message do you use and what experience do you have? 
  • [4:27 - 6:10]: You use many IT tools in your job: can you shed light on which ones you use to support this entire project?  
  • [6:11 - end]: Did you face any difficulties? What about the advantages?  

About the Speakers:

Peter Walde MAPEGY

Dr. Peter Walde, CEO & Founder MAPEGY, is a a proud Sorb and passionate entrepreneur. Before MAPEGY he headed the profit center Di.Ana (Digital Intelligence) @VOLKSWAGEN. Additionally to his practical work, Peter did research on NLP, Text Mining, and how to apply it to innovation management as part of his doctoral thesis at the University of Leipzig that finally led to MAPEGY

Nicolas Muller-modified

Nicolas Müller, Marketing Manager at in-manas. With a diverse background in UX design, product development, and branding, he brings his extensive experience and innovative approach to drive the company's growth and success. Nicolas joined in-manas in March 2020 and has since been instrumental in developing and executing marketing strategies that align with the company's vision and goals. 

About In-manas: Intelligent Management Solutions

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In-manas: intelligent management solutions develops innovative digital enterprise-solutions to make your team become agile top innovators. They develop fast solution than ever before so that you can build strategy hubs in just a few steps. 


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