Alessia Gaspodini
March 15, 2023

REWE's Story: How MAPEGY Helped Identify the Most Promising Startups

How did REWE Identify the Top Startups for their industry, Related Trends and Technologies, using SCOUT?  

REWE's Use Case: Startup Identification 

REWE, a well-known brand, faces a pressing question on what their future will hold, prompting the need for a sustainable program design.  "This is the machine of our team: what is REWE going to look like in the next 100 years", said Karim Habibi, Innovation Manager at REWE since 2021.

One approach that has proven successful is the identification of startups, a process that is becoming increasingly vital in the tech industry. In this interview held by MAPEGY CEO Dr. Peter Walde, Karim explains his experience with this approach and with MAPEGY, highlighting the importance of startup identification within REWE's internal structure processes. By leveraging the power of innovative startups, REWE can navigate the rapidly evolving tech landscape and position itself for a successful and sustainable future.

How is MAPEGY supporting REWE

In this brief interview, Karim shares how MAPEGY plays a crucial role in driving sustainable programs within the company. Through MAPEGY's AI-powered platform SCOUT, the REWE's team is able to connect data and identify startup organizations that align with their goals, allowing them to solve challenges and create new business models. This approach proved to be an effective way to keep up with the rapidly evolving tech landscape and stay ahead of the competition. 

According to Karim, it's crucial to "being able to understand the technologies that are out there".

He adds:

Startups Identification is one data point out of many data points. We at REWE have a structure process through which every team presents its data points and then we collect them within the company. We try to connect the dots with each others and once we identify one pain point, we focus on the solution that can solve this particular problem, demonstrating our capabilities in-house and maybe drive a new digital business model that the REWE Group can benefit from. At the end of the day, MAPEGY is a significant resource to take strategic decisions and innovate.

Very proud of this collaboration!

Watch the video above to learn more in detail about: 

  • [0:00 - 2:05]: Who is Karim Habibi, Innovation Manager at REWE since 2021 and what he is working on at REWE DIGITAL.
  • [2:05 - 3:50]: REWE Use Case: Startup Identification. Karim shedding light on how REWE is exploring Startups and Organizations with MAPEGY. 
  • [3:50 - 5:43]: Digital tools and AI tools to save time and money. How the REWE team makes a process more efficient and effective using a data-driven tool. 
  • [5:43 - 8:34]: How important is the Use Case Startup Identification compared to other approaches. Karim focuses on REWE in-house capabilities and how to collaborate internally to solve a particular challenge and build a business model that the REWE Group can benefit from.

About the speakers


Karim Habibi Mapegy

Karim Habibi, Innovation Manager at REWE since 2021. His main focus is on exploring the future of retail and how it will evolve. In order to achieve this goal, he collaborates extensively with startups, academia, and other corporations. Karim also stays up-to-date with technological developments and manages a research engineering team with expertise in AI, Computer Vision, and Robotics. He is a strong advocate for strategic alliances and believes they are crucial for success. Before joining REWE, Karim worked as the Director of New Products at HYPE, where he helped create digital products that revolutionized corporate approaches to managing partner ecosystems at scale

Peter Walde_MAPEGY_ 2s-modified

Dr. Peter Walde, CEO & Founder MAPEGY, is a a proud Sorb and passionate entrepreneur. Before MAPEGY he headed the profit center Di.Ana (Digital Intelligence) @VOLKSWAGEN. Additionally to his practical work, Peter did research on NLP, Text Mining, and how to apply it to innovation management as part of his doctoral thesis at the University of Leipzig that finally led to MAPEGY

About REWE

rewe mapegy

With more than twelve million clients every day, REWE is the second largest supermarket chain in Germany behind EDEKA, with its headquarters in Cologne. However, REWE Group is a diversified retail and tourism group though: it operates supermarkets, consumer stores, specialist stores, discount stores, drug stores, online channels. But also travel agency chains, franchise sales channels and online portals. 


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