Dr. Peter Walde
April 1, 2024

Environmental Scanning, Blindspot & Whitespot Analysis

Environmental Scanning

Environmental scanning is the process of collecting and analyzing information about the external environment to identify potential opportunities and threats that may impact an organization's success. It involves monitoring and analyzing various factors such as economic, technological, social, and political trends that may have an impact on the organization. The goal of environmental scanning is to provide insight into the external environment, enabling organizations to make informed decisions about future strategies and operations.

Blindspot Analysis

Blindspot analysis is a process of identifying areas within an organization where individuals or teams may have a lack of awareness, knowledge, or understanding. It involves examining the organization's assumptions, biases, and beliefs to identify areas where there may be blind spots that could lead to potential problems. The goal of blindspot analysis is to help organizations identify and address areas of weakness that may impact their ability to achieve their objectives.

Whitespot Analysis

Whitespot analysis is the process of identifying areas where an organization may have a competitive advantage or opportunities to expand its market share. It involves analyzing the organization's strengths, capabilities, and resources to identify potential areas where it can differentiate itself from competitors. The goal of whitespot analysis is to help organizations identify and capitalize on opportunities for growth and expansion, enabling them to achieve greater success in their industry.

Matrix - v1
AI-driven Blindspot and Whitespot Analysis on Batteries with SCOUT.Matrix @MAPEGY

How Machine Learning is innovating Publication Monitoring

1. Improved Efficiency and Accuracy

AI-powered environmental scanning and analysis tools can quickly and accurately sift through large amounts of data to identify potential blind spots and white spots in the market. By automating the process, these tools eliminate the need for manual research, reducing the risk of errors and saving time.

2. Enhanced Insights and Recommendations

By using machine learning algorithms, AI-driven platforms can analyze data from various sources to provide more detailed insights and recommendations on potential blind spots and white spots in the market. This can help researchers make more informed decisions about where to focus their research efforts and increase the likelihood of identifying new opportunities.

3. Increased Awareness of Market Trends and Competitive Landscape

AI-powered environmental scanning and analysis tools can help researchers stay up-to-date with the latest market trends and competitive landscape. By continuously monitoring and analyzing relevant data sources, these tools can provide real-time insights and help researchers identify potential threats and opportunities.

4. Better Identification of Potential Risks and Opportunities

AI-powered environmental scanning and analysis tools can help identify potential risks and opportunities in the market, allowing researchers to proactively mitigate risks and capitalize on opportunities. By using advanced algorithms to analyze data, these tools can provide insights on emerging technologies, changing consumer behaviors, and shifts in the competitive landscape.

5. Streamlined Decision-Making Process

By providing timely and accurate insights, AI-powered environmental scanning and analysis tools can help streamline the decision-making process. This can help organizations make more informed decisions and act quickly to capitalize on emerging opportunities or mitigate potential risks.

AI-powered Blindspot & Whitespot Analysis with SCOUT


00:00 - Introduction
01:20 - Using MAPEGY.Library for trends & risks identification
02:30 - Better defining your topic and linking it to a specific organization (i.e. Mitsubishi Chemicals)
03:20 - Visualise your results into the Matrix
06:55 - Considerations

Main benefits of Blindspot & Whitespot Analysis with SCOUT

The blind and whitespot analysis provided by our platform is a valuable tool for organizations as it helps them to identify and visualize their strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, and whitespots. This kind of analysis can provide organizations with several key benefits, including:

Improved Decision-Making

By having a clear and comprehensive view of their strengths and weaknesses, as well as any potential risks and opportunities, organizations can make more informed decisions that are aligned with their strategic goals.

Enhanced Competitive Advantage

By identifying and addressing blind spots and leveraging their strengths, organizations can enhance their competitive advantage and stay ahead of the curve in their industry.

Identifying New Opportunities

By visualizing whitespots, organizations can identify new opportunities for growth and expansion and explore new markets and product lines.

Better Resource Allocation

By having a clear understanding of their strengths and weaknesses, organizations can allocate their resources more effectively and optimize their operations for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

Improved Reputation Management

By addressing blind spots and mitigating potential risks, organizations can maintain a positive reputation and build trust with their stakeholders, customers, and partners.

Our features for AI data-driven Blindspot & Whitespot Analysis


Matrix example


Matrix helps you with blindspot and whitespot analysis, providing you an overview of new technology fields and trends of which you might not be aware of, uncovering what your peers are doing within those domains and how you compare to them.


My Portfolio table

My Portfolio table is a collection of all your trends, technologies and topics of interest, meant to facilitate your project management activities by playing as a central repository of information.

Radar Vusualization_Curated


Our data-driven Radar, uses Machine Learning to provide you with market data on your trends or technologies, allowing you to easily compare them through this interactive and automatically updated view.



MAPEGY Library is a collection of the latest trends and technologies with curated search queries we have collected, described, and organized for you.

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