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If you're interested in groundbreaking, mission-critical innovation insights, have a look at this whitepaper by our Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Matthias Plaue, who describes in detail the data-driven rationale, mathematical, and algorithmic concepts you need to know to scale your business.

Alessia Gaspodini   ·   Oct 30 2022

Did you know that by using hyper-automation technology, companies will reduce operational costs by 30% in less than 2 years?

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Companies worldwide are investing greater resources in the creation and adoption of specialized technical intelligence systems as it’s crucial for corporate success. Technology intelligence is a key factor in scaling your business as it’s essential:

  • For security reasons

  • To identify threats and opportunities and use them to your advantage

  • To improve business operations and services

  • To plan strategically

  • To stay ahead of your competition

  • To support future growth

If you want to learn more about technology intelligence and make your company future-proof, I’m happy to say that we, at MAPEGY, have your back.

scale your business

Our Chief Data Scientist, Dr. Matthias Plaue, recently wrote a whitepaper titled "A Guide to Data-Driven Innovation and Technology Intelligence” in which he describes in detail the data-driven rationale, mathematical, and algorithmic concepts in the global dynamics of innovation (and how to transform them into a reality for business).

This whitepaper also details the technical aspects that enable the Innovation Graph and SCOUT, our powerful end-to-end data intelligence platform. It provides a general introduction on how data help MAPEGY’s customers produce valuable insights in the global dynamics of innovation, it shows how MAPEGY represents and enriches the data to refine it into valuable information and finally presents selected examples of how these insights inform the strategic decision-making of MAPEGY’s customers. Download it for free and find out how MAPEGY:

  • shaped the future of aerospace at  Airbus

  • worked towards a circular economy with MCAM

  • focused on startup scouting at  rewe

  • created a portfolio analysis at  in-manas

"We at MAPEGY strongly believe that gathering intelligence can be nothing else but data-driven. Trusted insights can only be based on hard facts and figures extracted from reliable data." - Dr. Matthias Plaue, A Guide To Data-Driven Innovation and Technology Intelligence

shutterstock_1710702010You're only one click away from getting relevant, unique insights about data-driven innovation and technology intelligence! You can get your free copy by clicking here.

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Screenshot 2022-09-27 at 18.05.41-modifiedScientist at heart, trained as a mathematical physicist, Dr. Matthias Plaue attacks all sorts of challenging problems related to applied mathematics and scientific computing. His current work and research interests focus on the application of methods in data science and data engineering to retrieve actionable intelligence for technology and innovation management. He's been the Chief Data Scientist at MAPEGY since 2012.