Alessia Gaspodini
March 15, 2023

MCG: Trend Identification & Technology Landscaping with MAPEGY

How to Identify the Latest Technologies and Trends for My Field of Interest? How to Explore Its Players and Contexts, Its Future Growth and Potential?

Listen to what Tim Vorage, MCG, has to say about Trend Identification & Technology Landscaping with MAPEGY. 

Challenge: The Amount of Information Available

One of the biggest challenges that companies face when it comes to trend identification is the sheer volume of information available. With an endless stream of news articles, social media posts, and industry reports being published every day, it can be difficult to sift through the noise and identify the trends that are truly relevant to your business. Furthermore, trends are often fleeting, so companies need to be able to identify them quickly in order to stay ahead of the curve.

This is what Tim Vorage said about the Use Cases Trend identification & Technology landscaping at our hybrid event in Frankfurt "Connected Knowledge 2021"

We are in the journey where we go from key trends in the market and then drain down to actionable levels. How can we really use innovation to implement the circular economy. And MAPEGY is really part of the journey. Data decisions are really a key part of that


About the Speaker

Tim Vorage-modified

Tim Vorage, Sr. Manager and Founder Business Incubator Growth Garage at Mitsubishi Chemical Group, MCG. Passionate about open innovation and business development, Tim is supporting innovators and entrepreneurs globally to achieve their dreams and contribute to a sustainable future. He's passionate for open innovation and business development that is based on the circular economy, which resulted in founding the Growth Garage.


About MCG and Growth Garage

mcam mitsubishi chemicals mapegy testimonial

Mitsubishi Chemicals Advanced Materials works to “make ambitious ideas possible”. How? They assist inventors in locating the ideal components, layouts, and manufacturing procedures that will enable them to commercialize their ideas more quickly, sustainably, and cleanly. As a top producer of high-performance thermoplastics and composites available as semi-finished goods and finished parts around the world, they support the realization of ambitious ideas in a variety of applications and sectors, from aeronautics to bioprocessing. 

Growth Garage is the business incubator from the Advanced Materials Division of Mitsubishi Chemical Group (MCG). Their mission is to support and grow new ideas using their technologies and advanced engineering materials to help tackle some of today's biggest engineering challenges. They are offering the opportunity for engineers and innovators to pitch them their ideas. Successful applicants will receive their full support, expertise and materials to help develop their projects from initial prototype to final product.


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