Energy and Infrastructure

The Sector "Energy and Infrastructure" includes activities related to urban development, civil and environmental engineering, and organizations that promote the exploration, production, refining, marketing, storage and transportation of electric power, gas, water, and other public commodities and services.


Our Sectors Within Energy and Infrastructure

Oil & Gas

It relates to the search for underground or underwater oil and gas reserves, drilling wells to extract them, transporting them to processing facilities, processesing into various products such as gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.

Pipelines & Storage

It involves activities such as pipeline construction and maintenance, as well as the management of storage tanks and other infrastructure.

Electric Power Generation & Transmission

It relates to the generation of electricity through various means (e.g. coal, natural gas, nuclear, renewable), as well as the transmission of that electricity to end users.

Alternative Energy

It encompasses renewable sources such as wind, solar, and hydropower, as well as other forms of energy such as geothermal and biomass.

Water Utilities

It involves companies that provide water supply and treatment services to households and businesses.

Waste Management & Recycling

It involves the collection, treatment, and disposal of waste, as well as the recycling of materials

Construction & Engineering Services

It refers to companies that provide design, engineering, and construction services for various infrastructure projects

Communication Infrastructure

It includes cell towers, broadband networks, and other infrastructure used for communication services.

Transportation Infrastructure

It encompasses airports, seaports, highways, and other infrastructure used for transportation of people and goods.

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