Materials and Chemicals

The Sector "Materials & Chemical Engineering" includes organizations and activities related to the manufacturing of chemicals, construction materials, glass, paper, textiles, and packaging products, as well as as the mining or refining of metals, minerals and alloys, including steel.
materials and chemicals

Our Sectors Within Materials and Chemicals

advanced materials
Advanced Materials

It involves the development and production of new, high-performance materials with improved physical, chemical, and/or biological properties. Advanced materials include composites, nanomaterials, electronic materials, biodegradable materials, smart materials, and others. They are used in a variety of applications, such as electronics, energy, transportation, construction, and biomedicine.

precious metals
Precious Metals

It encompasses the production of metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and others that are valued for their rarity and high economic value. These metals are used in a variety of applications, including jewelry, coins, electronics, and investment. The precious metals industry includes activities such as mining, refining, and fabrication.

textile (1)
Textiles & Synthetic Fibres

It relates to the production of fabrics, fibers, and finished products made from natural or synthetic materials. It encompasses the entire process from spinning and weaving raw materials into cloth, to dyeing, printing, and finishing the fabric into clothing, home goods, and other textiles products.

Plastics & Rubber Manufacturing

It involves the production of plastic and rubber products from raw materials such as petrochemicals, natural rubber, and other synthetic materials. This industry encompasses the entire process of producing plastic and rubber products, and includes a wide range of products, including packaging materials, consumer goods, automotive parts, construction materials, and medical devices.

Minerals & Natural Ressources

It relates to the extraction, processing, and trading of minerals, metals, and other natural resources such as coal, oil, gas, and precious stones. This industry involves activities such as mining, drilling, refining, and smelting. The minerals and natural resources industry plays a critical role in many economie

Chemicals & Chemical Engineering

It encompasses the production and development of chemicals and chemical products, as well as the design and construction of chemical plants and processes. This industry involves the production of a wide range of chemical products, including basic chemicals, specialty chemicals, and petrochemicals. Chemical engineers in this industry use their expertise to design, develop, and improve chemical production processes, making them safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly.

mining icon

It involves the extraction of minerals, metals, coal, oil, and other natural resources from the earth. This industry encompasses a range of activities, including exploration, drilling, excavation, and processing of minerals and other resources.

Paper Manufacturing

It involves the production of paper and paper-based products from wood pulp, recycled paper, and other fibers. This industry encompasses the entire process of making paper, including pulping, papermaking, and converting. Products include printing and writing paper, packaging paper, tissue paper, and specialty paper products.

Wood Processing

It refers to the production of wood products such as lumber, plywood, veneers, particleboard, and other engineered wood products. This industry involves the harvesting of trees, sawing logs into lumber, and further processing of the lumber into various finished products.

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