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At MAPEGY, we aim at providing industry-tailored expertise to better address your challenges and uncover new opportunities within your sector.

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Products and services which aim to optimize the mobility of goods and people via different modes of transport (notably car/road, train/rail, airplane/air, and ship/water).
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Manufacturing and distribution of capital goods such as machinery and equipment for aerospace and defense, building products, electrical equipment, and tools for handling, measurement and testing.
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Manufacturing of chemicals, construction materials, glass, paper, textiles, and packaging products, as well as as the mining or refining of metals, minerals and alloys, including steel.
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Exploration, production, refining, marketing, storage and transportation of all kind of energy. The related Utilities Sector comprises utility activities and companies such as electric, gas and water utilities.
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Economic services such as banking, finance, insurance, human resources, marketing, management, and consulting.
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it & telecommunications

Activities and companies that offer (software and) information technology and (tele)communication services, manufacturers and distributors of technology hardware and equipments.
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food and life science

Health and direct life-related companies and activities such as research, development, production and marketing of health care, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology products and services.
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Production and marketing of electronic and digital devices such as phones, wearables, or television sets, as well as consumer products like domestic appliances, furniture, or clothing.
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28th September 2023 -  10-11am CESTIndustrials sector webinar

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