8 Challenges Facing Innovation Managers

Here are 8 challenges that innovation managers face at different stages of the innovation lifecycle.

How to boost your innovation research

As the key to disruptive solutions that drive future business growth, research plays a fundamental role throughout the innovation process.

MAPEGY featured in the Berliner Zeitung!

Last week MAPEGY was featured in the Berliner Zeitung, a renowned local newspaper in the German capital.

Smart home technology: an industry set to explode

Many companies are producing new disruptive devices to provide security, energy efficiency or comfort to householders, and indicators show that this trend will be crucial in the marketplace of the future.

The dawn of robots and its implications for developing countries

Robots have gained a prominent role in the era of the digital economy and are affecting production and employment across a broad range of industries.

LVDC Networks: Power to the People

This article will briefly look at one of the most promising new developments in present times: the enablers for decentralized smart grids and low voltage direct current (LVDC) networks.

The future mobility: Towards disruptive solutions

Cities around the world, especially in Asia, are struggling to cope with ever growing traffic as a result from growing population.

AI predicts personality by looking into the eyes

“Where words are restrained, the eyes often talk a great deal.” Samuel Richardson

Opportunities in the Digital Revolution: Machine Learning

Will Artificial Intelligence re-shape society as we know it by gradually replacing activities currently performed by humans?